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Can Tag Heuer revolutionalise Horology with its New NFT Function?

When Bernard Arnault set out to expand the LVMH empire, the last thing on his mind might have been Web3 and NFTs, but this is definitely not the case for his scions who are now heading brands under the conglomerate. Alexandre Arnault, VP of Tiffany&Co, showed how NFTs can have real-life uses …


You May Soon Have To Pay for Your Hotel Bookings with an NFT

But don’t get too excited: it is not what you think. Cancellations, especially those done last-minute, are a hotel’s worst nightmare. Empty rooms not only mean decreased revenue, but they may also impact a hotel’s ratings if it happens frequently. Apparently, nothing has worked so far, not even c…


Gucci Releases New Sneakers. You Can Only Wear Them Virtually

Italian luxury fashion house, Gucci, is out with its latest product – an $11.99 pair of sneakers. But before you start a mad dash to your computer to see where you can buy them, the sneakers come with a caveat: they can only be worn virtually. Working with Wanna on the Gucci Virtual 25s The…