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Tesla Debuts Supercharger Stations in Morocco

Tesla has set up two Supercharger charging stations in the north African country of Morocco, the first of such on the continent. While events like this are usually preceded by heavy marketing and/or official press releases, the EV and clean energy company has done neither, choosing instead to jus…


Luxury Tourism: Africa’s Latest Post-Pandemic Recovery Plan

Africa is known for many things all over the world including its colourful culture that differs from town to town, country to country; its fashion that is beginning to dominate global trends, and its skincare industry that in recent times has garnered attention. But now, the continent is looking …


Trend Alert! New Ways of Working in Africa

Human capital advisory firm, Africa People Advisory Group, has released the findings from a recent Pan-African study into “New Ways of Working”. The goal of the study was to understand organisational responses to the impacts of COVID-19 whilst at the same time recognising how organisations are re…