Tesla Debuts Supercharger Stations in Morocco

Tesla has set up two Supercharger charging stations in the north African country of Morocco, the first of such on the continent. While events like this are usually preceded by heavy marketing and/or official press releases, the EV and clean energy company has done neither, choosing instead to just install and go. Is the brand going to be launching in Africa, one cannot help but ask?

According to Morocco World News, the first supercharger station was spotted close to the Tangier Al Houara Hilton Resort at Tangier, “near the main highway that connects Morocco’s major cities on the Atlantic coast.” The second charging station is located at the Onomo Hotel in Casablanca.

Tesla supercharger charging station in Morocco
The Tesla supercharger charging stations in Morocco are now live. Image courtesy of Morocco World News

Both Tesla charging stations feature four supercharger booths capable of delivering 150kW, which is the previous generation of Tesla’s Supercharger technology. However, it is an important first step, as there are already Tesla owners on the continent who have not only had to jump through hoops to bring their vehicles in, but have also had to rely on Tesla connectors at some hotels and private residences that deliver a measly 22kW, a typical setup for home charging.

Maybe even more important is the fact that, according to reports, establishing supercharger stations are the first step the auto brand takes when it is set to enter a new market. This is typically followed by a service center before the autos start to come in.

2021 Tesla model Y
Will Tesla and other electric vehicles become more commonplace on the African continent? Image courtesy of Car and Driver

Africa has lagged behind in the race to EV adoption. Where Europe recorded sales of 3 million in this regard last year, the African continent does not even seem to have proper stats yet. Interestingly, luxury safaris seem to be leading the push towards electric-powered autos on the continent, even in the face of near-zero government policies on electrification and other related ‘greener earth’ initiatives.

Will Tesla succeed in establishing a strong presence in Morocco and possibly expand to other parts of Africa? That is the one question only future trends can answer.

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