Post May Day Detox with Omnutri

We all know the importance of including as much fruit and vegetables in our diet, whether it’s through salads, smoothies or juices. In this part of the world vegetables are not what we are inclined to eat. Yet at the same time we do not want to dive into a pack of plantain chips either. We want to indulge without raising our blood sugar to diabetic levels – insert Omnutri. We love Omnutri because their range of healthy treats are delicious but not even close to sinful. Omnutri is an authentic health and lifestyle company that provides a range of health food options. These are our favourites:

Almond Shakes

These are like milkshakes but no dairy or sugar and practically a quarter of the calories. These natural, plant based treats are glorious. Our favourite flavour is the matcha milkshake.

Omnutri Mylk


There is no difference in taste between this and a well-made brownie. Yet this treat is free from gluten, sugar, butter or any of the things that make us fat. It is equally delicious and most importantly filling.

Raw Food Brownie
Omnutri Brownies

Raw Energy Balls

The closest comparison is a cross between a brownie and cookie dough ice cream, this delicious treats is quite simply, delicious. They are filling, wholesome, packed full of goodness.

Raw Energy Balls
Omnutri Raw Energy Balls

In regards to our health there is little competition to vegetables but if you crave a sweet snack that is healthy and actually good for you then Omnutri is where you need to be.

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