Love The Cartier Baignoire? You Would Adore its 2023 Iteration

If you fell in love with the Cartier Baignoire because its dainty yet powerful look means that it is perfect for daily use and every occasion; or because, as a less popular Cartier timepiece, it helped you easily blend in any place and situation; or maybe its oval shape which allows for a more intimate, snug wear on your wrist was the attraction; or, the fact that it is simply Cartier was enough, then you may be part of a small number of timepiece connoisseurs who love it for all or some of the same reasons.

2023 cartier baignoire in solid gold
The 2023 Cartier Baignoire remake includes jewellery-like models, like this Mini in solid gold. Image courtesy of Cartier

And, because Cartier is aware of these reasons, it has revamped this classic and timeless timepiece to make you fall even more in love with the understated yet unique and sensually beautiful style.

The Baignore: inspired by a bathtub or a more exclusive item?

Search for the Baignore, and nine out of ten times, the story is that its name is the French word for bathtub and its oval/elliptical dial and rounded bezel are reminiscent of this bathroom fixture. However, Pierre Rainero, Cartier’s image, style and heritage director is quick to debunk this popular myth.

The 2023 mini baignoire in fully-paved diamonds
One of the mini models is a fully-paved diamond piece. Image courtesy of Cartier

The word ‘Baignore’ actually refers to VIP seats at the opera. “It was where the wealthy people sat. There were six seats together, with a kind of barrier around them,” he explains.

So, the next time someone tries to convince you that you have a bathtub on your wrist, you know exactly what to say in reply.

The 2023 Cartier Baignoire: more style, more bling

While the Cartier Baignore has undergone several changes to its shape since it first debuted in the early 1900s, its curved elliptical shape we know today only actually came on the scene in 1958. For its 2023 iteration, Cartier is preserving its shape but adding subtle changes to fit modern tastes.

The campaign for the new baignoire models features Lou Dillon
Lou Dillon is the star of the campaign for the new Baignoire models. Image courtesy of Cartier

First off, the bezel appears to be somehow more rounded and chunkier, adding a certain sensual voluptuousness to the entire piece, and putting the dial in sharper focus. Cartier chose two options for straps: a bangle that transforms the Mini Baignoire into full-blown jewellery, and leather alligator straps for a more muted look.

The Mini Baignoire Bangle comes in solid yellow or rose gold and a fully pavéd white gold version that is an absolute showstopper with a total of 834 brilliant-cut diamonds. Another version of the mini is attached to the alligator straps and offers the option of a solid gold case with or without diamonds.

the 2023 cartier baignoire small
Like other Baignoire models, the Cartier logo appears as part of the ‘x’ at 10 o’clock. Image courtesy of Cartier

The Small, on the other hand (pun intended), comes in six variations with cases in yellow, rose or white gold adorned with or without diamonds.

With prices ranging from $10,100 for the alligator-strapped, solid rose-gold model, to $48,800 for the fully pavéd Mini, the 2023 Cartier Baignoire cements its position as the timepiece for every woman, whether she leans towards more practical, stylish looks, or favours a blinged-out, still stylish piece of jewellery.

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