Louis Vuitton incorporates Important Element from its Light-Up Speaker to the Tambour Horizon Lightup Smartwatch

Only last year, Louis Vuitton launched the Horizon light-up speaker, and maybe it was its other-worldly, spaceship-like design, or the glowing lights that promise to switch up the mood of your party or space, but it was received positively. And now, the luxury house has decided to replicate this same feature in its newly-launched smartwatch, the Tambour Horizon Lightup.

The Lightup is an improved successor to the original Tambour Horizon, offering endless customisation and personalisation potential. Its design is modern yet timeless, and it features a 1.2-inch circular display made of sapphire glass, which spills over to the edge and lights up thanks to 24 LED lights built beneath the monogram dial ring. Whenever the timepiece is activated or a notification arrives, bright colours create mesmerising glow-in-the-dark visuals on the user’s wrist.

The Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Lightup smartwatch
The Tambour Horizon Lightup smartwatch will allow users to customise the watch face to match their moods. Image courtesy of Hypebeast

It is equipped with a custom-designed operating system that responds efficiently to specific swiping actions. Swipe right and you open the ‘my day’ tab, which reveals your agenda, step count, and heart rate, as well as information about air quality and weather conditions. Swiping down and it will display your notifications while swiping up unveils the device’s control panel. Go left to open ‘my travel,’ a section where you can access your travel plans and boarding passes, as well as thirty of Louis Vuitton’s expertly curated city guides.

In terms of customisation, users can change the face of their always-on display by choosing from the timepiece’s eight built-in dial configurations which include a striped animation, and Vivienne, the Maison’s enchanting mascot. Even better, they can add their own initials in the colour and font of their preference.

Close up image of the Tambour lightup
Image courtesy of Design Boom

All these sound pretty cool, but what really sets this timepiece apart from the smartwatch crowd is the fact that it runs on an OS that is the first outside apple’s own ecosystem to be accredited as ‘made for iPhone’ while remaining compatible with android and harmonyOS smartphones.

Louis Vuitton has successfully surmounted a challenge that has divided the smartwatch industry since its inception, and with all the other attractive and practical features it packs, the Tambour Horizon Lightup is clearly a must-have accessory. Even with prices ranging from $3300 to $3600, it would not come as a surprise if demand rapidly outpaces supply.

Source: Design Boom

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