Lego Releases Botanical Collection that Doubles as Home Decor

If you are allergic to flowers,  but would love an alternative, Lego has designed the perfect solution for you. Its latest series, the Botanical Collection, is two sets of snap-together components derived from sugarcane that allows grown-ups to build flower bouquets and bonsai trees from bioplastic components.

The flower kit from Lego Botanical Collection.
The flower kit from the Botanical Collection. Image courtesy of Dezeen

“As adults look for new ways to switch off and relax, we saw an opportunity to help them switch off after a busy day and relax as they immerse themselves in creating these beautiful botanical builds,” said Lego senior designer Anderson Ward Grubb.

The Flower Bouquet set contains 756 pieces for the construction of bunches of model flowers, including roses, poppies, snapdragons, and daises, as well as grasses. The Bonsai model building kit on the other hand contains 878 pieces to create a tree that is displayed on a rectangular plant pot on a slatted wood-effect stand. Kits to build individual roses and tulips are also available.

The Bosnai can be assembled in a leafy or blossom-y mode.
The Bonsai can be assembled in a leafy or blossomy mode. Image courtesy of Dezeen

This new collection is intended to be displayed in the home as soon as they are completed. “Our homes have always been the most important spaces in our lives, and that’s only become even more so as many of us find ourselves there for longer periods of time than we’re used to. So, it was critical for us during the design process to create products that were not just fun to build but were beautiful pieces of decor that you’d want to have on display and bring you a bit of that focus and joy you felt as you put them together,” explains Grubb.

The Lego Botanical Collection
Image courtesy of Dezeen

With sets designed to be customisable, customers can be assured of unique and individual creations that would not only make for an interesting pastime either as a family or alone, but one that would also reflect the personality whoever puts them together.

Source: Dezeen

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