ASPIRE Pick of the Week: Conservation-Driven African Elephant Safari Luxury Holiday

In celebration of World Elephant Day on the 12th of August, luxury travel company, Ker & Downey Africa, has announced the relaunch of its conservation-driven Elephant Safari in South Africa, Victoria Falls, and Botswana, in honour of the magnificent African Elephant.

Ker&Downey has announced a luxury elephant safari to promote elephant conservation
Ker & Downey has planned a luxury safari in honour of elephants. Image courtesy of Ker&Downey

Made for adventurous travellers with a keen interest in learning more about the nature of elephants in their natural habitat while simultaneously leaving a positive legacy for Africa’s elephants, the 13-day elephant safari will see travellers meeting the majestic beasts at Gorah Elephants camp in Addo National Park. Later, they would partake in the Jabulani Elephant Experience, a conservation-driven program that involves active research, observation and tracking the herd on foot. Afterwards, guests will participate in a unique art class with a view of their subject – a herd of elephants at the watering hole!

Ker&Downey has announced a luxury elephant safari to promote elephant conservation
Part of the itinerary involves guests drawing a herd of elephants at the watering hole. Image courtesy of Richard Jacobs on Unsplash

Guests will also have the opportunity to walk alongside elephants in Botswana – an intimate and educational bush walk led by expert guides who will teach them more about the status of the African elephant and their role in the ecosystem.

“Sustainable tourism has become a driving force in the luxury travel industry and we’ve found an increased desire for purposeful travel experiences which contribute to the conservation of our planet. We believe travellers will be more mindful in a post-COVID world and more judicious on what they spend their time and money on, particularly when it comes to travel,” Lee Kelsall, CEO of Ker & Downey Africa said in a written statement. “Conservation funding has seen a dramatic decrease during the global lockdown and so reactivating tourism to remote corners of Africa will play a large part in contributing to the continued protection of endangered wildlife species going forward.”

Ker&Downey has announced a luxury elephant safari to promote elephant conservation
The safari is geared towards the conservation of elephants. Image courtesy of James Eades on Unsplash

Prices start at $16,592, and this walking safari will be available all year round. For more information and a detailed breakdown of activities, be sure to visit Ker&Downey Africa.

Source: Forbes

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