Justerini & Brooks Teaches the Art of Collecting Rare Whiskey

Rare whiskeys have always been an alternative source of investment, topping the list or at least sitting pretty in the top echelon of luxury investment assets. But this may not be the reason why you’re interested in collecting, neither is it the reason why Justerini & Brooks, supplier of every successive British Monarch since King George III, wants to teach you how.

“Whisky has truly captured the modern collecting zeitgeist. It is such an exciting time to curate your personal collection. As the first-ever Justerini & Brooks whisky masterclass, we are hoping that the series will help individuals gain a real insight,” explains Tom Bradbury, the brand’s head of rare and collectible whiskies.

Bottles of Whiskies from different years
The Art of Collecting Rare Whiskies will teach interested people the steps to starting their own collection. Image courtesy of Insider

Titled The Art of Collecting Rare Whiskies, the masterclass is a three-part online guide that will lead viewers on an immersive journey towards starting their own rare whisky collection. From the meticulously considered decisions that take place in the distillery to produce those sought-after releases to ‘nosing’ your whisky like a pro, Bradbury will teach viewers how to begin building a collection, what bottles to search for and how to taste, as well as how to look after their all-important bottles.

The first part of the course will be an introduction to the world of rare whiskey. Here, viewers will learn how to start collecting from the people at the heart of Diageo’s portfolio of fine Scottish whiskies.

The second instalment is all about tasting. Viewers will be invited to enjoy an exclusive tasting kit made up of coveted drams from both working and ‘ghost’ or closed distilleries. This includes Talisker’s oldest official release, the Xpedition Oak, 43-Year-Old; the rich and fruity Mortlach, 26-Year-Old; Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Ghost and Rare, The Glenury Royal; and ‘The Cally’, 40-Year-Old, a limited release with liquid from The Caledonian, an all but forgotten Edinburgh distillery which finally shut up shop in 1988.

An African American man pu=ours a shot of whiskey into a glass
The course will also involve a tasting session featuring specially curated whiskies. Image courtesy of cottonbro from Pexels

Through the session, Bradbury will help deepen viewers understanding of the spirit, sharing guidance on how to identify subtle nuances, notes and characteristics as well as decoding the language used when describing tastes and flavours.

In the final chapter, viewers will be invited to begin crafting their own story as Bradbury shares advice on which whiskies are best suited to viewer’s tastes and preferences, how to care for rare bottles and how to build a collection that is truly bespoke.

Available from the end of October 2021, the full digital masterclass three-part series including a Justerini & Brooks tasting kit and Smythson whisky journal is priced at £500.

Source: Elite Traveler

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