ISIMI Lagos, Nigeria’s Premier Luxury Wellness and Polo City Launches

Overarching greenery consisting of intertwining and hanging leaves forming a thick canopy over even more plants and the humans that walked beneath them. A fountain immersed in lights sprouting forth waters that turned green, and then red, and then blue. Muted lights that transformed white spaces to earthy greens. And before you think this is a set for a forest scene in a movie, the answer is no; we were at the launch of ISIMI Lagos by Landwey Investment, the real estate company behind this wellness city, had manipulated elements to give us a feel of life in the city.

The ISIMI Lagos logo
ISIMI Lagos is a project of Landwey Investment

‘Isimi’ is a Yoruba word that translates to ‘peace of mind’ and that is the exact feeling the city wants to give to its residents. Located on the North side of the Lekki Lagoon in Epe, ISIMI Lagos is a large, sprawling, mini-city sitting imperiously on 124 hectares of land. It is divided into five clusters, with each one featuring a mix of buildings that can be both fully-residential spaces or destination apartments for short stays.

The clusters at ISIMI Lagos
ISIMI Lagos is divided into five clusters. Image courtesy of ISIMI Lagos

It is easy to think of ISIMI Lagos as another real estate venture when in reality it is so much more. The city is not just another luxury location to live or vacation in: Landwey built ISIMI Lagos primarily on the concept of wellness. Every home was constructed around the trees that occupy the land, making it the perfect relaxation spot for lovers of nature and just about anybody. Food in the city comes straight from the farm within it, grown without chemicals and harmful additives. Cars are not permitted within the city: a general parking lot outside the living residences ensures that carbon emissions do not find their way in. To move around, residents are encouraged to walk, use the city’s hybrid cars or cycle. Electricity comes directly from the sun, eliminating harmful methods of generating power.

The city has been designed to keep out cars and other carbon-emitting machines
Cars and other carbon-emitting machines or activities are not welcome in the city. Image courtesy of wirestock –

ISIMI Lagos offers both work and living spaces emboldened with high-speed internet and uninterrupted power to boost the efficiency of residents. It will include an animal conservation park, golf course, recreational centre, tech valley, helipad, farm shop, spa, hiking paths, gym facilities, and many other perks that would make every other luxury residence in the commercial centre of Nigeria green with envy.

Apart from the endless opportunities it will provide, the city also comprises a standard polo turf with a stable that houses some of the world’s best horses providing truly unique and excellent riding experiences.

Golf and polo are the games played in the city
The game of polo is at the heart of the city

Characterised by a theme of wellness and the picturesque scenery of the city, ISIMI Lagos is family-friendly with an all-natural lake that can be used for family-oriented activities such as kayaking, picnics, and outdoor playdates. In the words of Olawale Ayilara, CEO of Landwey Investment, “Isimi Lagos will dramatically alter what we currently consider the norm in Lagos. It will be a living experience like none other. As soon as you walk in, you’ll be able to feel your stress melt away.”

The first cluster, Origin one, will be ready for occupancy in five months. Comprising of different eco-friendly homes – ‘Citilights’, the eight-floor building consisting of 2-bedroom apartments; ‘Oslo’, the 2-bedroom terrace; ‘Astra’, the 1 bedroom maisonette and, Villagio, the 3-bedroom detached house. To find out more and to know if you qualify for any of the apartments, go to, or visit their Instagram page here.

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