Fine Dining, Epicurean Living: Dinner with Strangers at Z Kitchen in Lagos

Nothing binds people together like food. Even the word ‘companion’ comes from Latin and means ‘with bread’ – someone friendly with whom to share a meal. Upscale fine-dining restaurant Z Kitchen recently introduced a new dining experience with a different twist to Lagos called Dinner With Strangers.

Dinner with Strangers

Shared Plates. Family Style. 6 people. Shrinking the city. Not networking. Just for fun. No press. Come as you are.

The exquisite dining experience converged six strangers together; all captains of industries and renowned leaders in their respective fields, strategically handpicked to dine together.

The first edition took place last month at the restaurant. Cozy and contemporary, Z Kitchen is situated in the heart of Victoria Island and is reputed for an extensive menu, a great wine selection, a mature audience and an impeccable waiting staff offering fantastic customer service.

Elements of unpredictability and surprise heralded the night as the guests had no clue who they were to dine with or what unique dishes they would enjoy.

Chef Ziad

The theme of the night was ‘Chef Ziad’s Culinary Milestones’, and the sampled menu  interpreted Chef Ziad’s (co-Founder of the restaurant with his wife, Zeina) life experiences through culinary art. The menu consisted of 5 impressive courses which were prepared, plated and presented by Chef Ziad.

It was a shared-plate dining experience where the passing around of food had a special effect on the guests, creating a warm and endearing ambiance. Each dish was delicately paired with the right selection of wine that flowed merrily throughout dinner.

Dinner with Strangers

It was indeed a night full of laughter and deep conversation as guests made a conscious effort to put away their phones to get to know each other, making new connections and creating fun memories. Watching people go from total strangers to friends across the dinner table was magical.

The essence of this special culinary experience is to bring people together over great food and make Lagos even smaller….one meal at a time. On this, it certainly delivered.



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