Louis Vuitton High Jewelry Collection – The Conquêtes

During Haute Couture week in Paris, world-famous Louis Vuitton brand presented its new collection of High Jewellery – Conquêtes. It is dedicated to the woman-conqueror and seductress, with prevailing character, whose conquests are expressed symbolically through the game that the letter V embodies together with the monogram flower. The two iconic symbols of the house are combined in one collection for the first time.

The Conquêtes collection is a summation of and simultaneously a disclosure of the jewellery motifs from previous collections by the House: Acte V and Blossom. The sharp corners that characterise the first collection are harmoniously combined with the rounded forms of the second. Together, they incarnate the stylish image of a Louis Vuitton woman, so free and independent.

63 items, including necklaces with medallions, chokers, bracelets, rings, earrings, and also a jewellery watch, are headed by 3 majestic ornaments designed for the neck. They give a clear picture of the message conveyed by the House in this collection.

For example, on the first necklace of imperial topaz, the motif of the letter V and the monogrammed flower are closely intertwined. The centre of the piece is decorated with pink-orange imperial topaz which weighs an impressive 37.07 carats, and is complemented with 17 opals with a soft pastel glow.

LV Conquetes Necklace with 37.07cts Imperial Topaz and 17 Opals

The second key necklace is a pendant on a string of pearls and diamonds, accentuated by the green-blue glare of an African mint tourmaline. The centre of the medallion, this stone weighs 54.30 carat and is transformed into a talisman of sorts.

LV Conquetes Long Chain of Pearls and Diamonds Set with a Blue 54.3cts African Mint Tourmaline

The third necklace, quite outstanding: a bright cushion-cut garnet weighing 16.82 carats in a passionate mandarin shade is surrounded by the motif of an abstract heart. It contains all the same familiar forms – the letter V and the flower monogram, but these initial motifs are repeated countless times.

LV Conquetes Necklace with Cushion Cut Mandarin Garnet of 16.82cts

The Conquêtes collection brings forth the masterly craft of Louis Vuitton jewellers on a new level. In line with the best traditions of High Jewellery art, the pieces meet the ideal proportions and alignments to form complex designs that emphasise the House’s favourite stones.

As is well known, Louis Vuitton gemologists meticulously select gems for their pieces and as a rule they go on the hunt for a long time. This is the reason why in the new high jewellery collection, as with many previous collections, there is a whole medley of coloured gems. You’ll find African tourmalines such as the real “paraiba” from Brazil, incredibly “pure” emeralds from Colombia, mandarin garnets, tsavorites of an impressive size, opals with a rich and playful palette of colours and rare imperial topaz!

The Conquêtes also boasts of sixty other pieces of jewelry for connoisseurs who like it extravagant and nothing short of dazzling! Each piece in the collection aptly represents the charisma and allure of a LV woman and thus deserves a prime place in every lady’s closet.

Source: Katerina Perez

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