Fancy an Apartment at Bentley Residences in Miami?

If you have perhaps thought that the Porsche Design Tower is not for you, or that the Aston Martin Residences did not tick all the boxes on ‘my perfect luxury condo’ list then maybe a peek into the Bentley Residences in Miami might be what you need to get you hooked on the concept of luxury residential apartments by luxury auto brands.

Exterior of the Bentley Residences Miami
The Bentley Residences in Miami is set to open in 2026. Image courtesy of Bentley

The Bentley Residences Miami is certainly making a hard case for this. Since the building project was revealed back in 2021, Bentley, together with partner, luxury property specialist Dezer Development, has announced exciting new features that make the apartments in the residential complex the ultimate luxury maison to retire to every day or relax in during vacations.

First, Bentley said that each of the 216 apartments would include a generous view of the Atlantic Ocean via floor-to-ceiling windows that have the added advantage of bringing in as much light as possible. But since constantly viewing the outdoors from inside is never enough, “expansive balconies, each with its own private, heated swimming pool” were added so that residents get a chance to actually enjoy the open air when they get tired of staying indoors without leaving their condos.

Residence Bentayga Pool and Florida Room at the Bentley Residences Miami
Apartments have been designed to bring in the outdoors. Image courtesy of Bentley

However, high-rise luxury beachfront apartments are probably a dime a dozen in Miami, so Bentley decided to sweeten the deal. While you may not find this added feature altogether necessary, the fact that it even exists is a very good indicator of the kind of innovation that would be present everywhere in the apartment complex. The feature? The ‘Dezervator’, a patented elevator that takes you and your car directly from the lobby to your floor.

The dezervator allow residents park in their apartments
A special ‘car elevator’ will enable residents drive up to their apartments. Image courtesy of Bentley

If you’re still reeling from this last information, Bentley is here to keep you grounded with other more commonplace, shared amenities such as a wellness centre and a spa; a games room complete with VR headsets, simulators for golf and driving (of course!), and, a cigar lounge and restaurant for relaxing and entertainment.

But as you may have noticed, luxury and ordinary do not generally mix well, which is why the auto brand has now decided to throw in yet another bespoke offering: residents at the Bentley Residences Miami will be able to exclusively enjoy dishes from chef Todd English. The celebrity chef has joined the concept as a partner to deliver “seasonal menus that will make dining at Bentley Residences a joy for residents and their guests.” Although the restaurant will be for residents only, it will also be available for private catering and poolside dining.

Chef Todd English would be cooking for Bentley Residences Miami
Renowned chef Todd English would be in charge of the cuisine at the resident-only restaurant in Bentley Residences Miami. Image courtesy of Bentley

If you’re not already sold on the idea of getting an apartment at the Bentley Residences Miami, don’t worry: with everything on offer so far, it is safe to say that the British automaker still has more exclusive features coming up to help you make up your mind. Thankfully, the building is set to open in 2026, so there is still plenty of time to explore its many amenities while you come to a decision.

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