Explore Rome Through Bvlgari’s One-of-a-Kind Travel Guide.

The city of Rome is mostly known for its stunning architecture and rich history, but for Bulgari, it is more. It is home, but more importantly, it is the place that offers the luxury fashion house the inspiration for its stunning pieces. And now, it has inspired the Maison’s latest product, Bvlgari Roma: Travel Tales for Beauty Lovers.

Cover of Bvlgari Roma: Travel Tales for Beauty Lovers
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Bvlgari Roma: Travel Tales for Beauty Lovers is a one-of-a-kind guide to the Eternal City and gives its readers the opportunity to explore Rome through Bulgari’s eyes as it connects the city’s landmarks to its timeless designs that they have inspired.  As editor and artistic director Jan Králiĉek states in the preface, “You will understand how and why the curves of a building are mirrored in a necklace, and how the detail of a mythical painting unfolds into the story of an iconic bracelet or how the dyadic character of a building can be reflected in something as intimate and subtle as a ring. ”

The Patheon from Bvlgari Roma
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Every page of this portable volume gently guides the reader to actual landmarks and monuments, drawing them into an unprecedented historical, artistic, and emotional tour of the city. The narration is replete with short stories by some of the best-known Roman authors from the world of contemporary Italian literature, inspired by the most iconic locations in the city. It is further enhanced by contributions from figures linked to the city by birth, adoption, or by mere passionate attachment including renowned names from fashion, cinema, sport, and music like Anna Della Russo, Lily Aldridge, Ennio Morricone, Roberto Rossellini, Boy George, and Francesco Vezzoli.

An open page from the book from Bulgari
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More than just a guide, Bvlgari Roma: Travel Tales for Beauty Lovers delves deep into the house’s glittering history, packed with heartfelt tales and dazzling images. Learn how Bulgari’s famous B-zero1 ring is inspired by the architectural dimensions of the curved walls of the Colosseum and why the brand’s octagonal watch dials replicate the beautiful coffered ceiling of the Basilica of Maxentius.

Bvlgari Roma: Travel Tales for Beauty Lovers gives the history behind the house's jewelleries
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A must-read for the discerning traveller, lovers of and visitors to Rome, as well as connoisseurs of fine, luxe jewels, the book is currently available on Rizzoli and Amazon.

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