Create Eco-Friendly Homes with The Bentley Home Eco-Conscious 2021 Collection

British luxury automaker, Bentley Motors, has recently announced the 2021 Home Collection in partnership with Bentley Home, which features four new furniture pieces: the Aldford Table, the Ramsey Sofa and Loveseat and the Styal Desk. Each of the furniture pieces has been carefully designed to include materials and finishes that are unique, blending fine craft with the newest technologies.

The Ramsey sofa from the collection
The Ramsey Sofa. Image courtesy of Bentley Home

The 2021 Bentley Home Collection is also representative of the house’s latest efforts to become more environmentally friendly, in alignment with Bentley Motors’ ambitions to become the world’s most sustainable luxury automotive brand. The collection aims to push craftsmanship to new heights and introduces Bentley Home’s new Degrade lacquering and Marm \ More marble powder fabric to the market.

The Aldford Table from the 2021 Bentley Home collection
The Aldford Table features a double curve at its base. Image courtesy of Bentley Home

The four furniture pieces that make up the 2021 Bentley Home Collection have been designed by celebrated Italian architect, Carlo Colombo. The highlight of the collection is the new Styal Desk with an elegantly positioned sideboard, specifically designed to elevate the home office space. It also has several options for customization, making it a truly unique addition to any home. Meanwhile, the sleek and clean Aldford Table, which features a double curve at its base made possible due to innovative milling techniques, comes in both a rectangular and circular version.

The Styal desk from the Bentley 2021 Home Collection
The Styal Desk comes with an elegant sideboard. Image courtesy of Bentley Home

Two pieces make up the Ramsey range: the sofa and the loveseat. Both the Ramsey sofa and loveseat have been designed with a backrest that tapers at the top, reaching out in a wing-like fashion. The Ramsey Loveseat is also the first loveseat created by Bentley Home – it has been designed to suit a range of homes and interior spaces, whether as a complement to the Ramsey sofa or an independent statement piece.

The Ramsey Loveseat
The Ramsey Loveseat is the first loveseat to be created by Bentley Home. Image courtesy of Bentley Home

The launch of the 2021 Bentley Home Collection is also an important step towards the brand becoming more sustainable. Bentley Home is revealing an innovative ethical fabric called Marm \ More made solely from renewable resources with the collection. Developed and patented for Bentley Home, the new fabric has been sourced and produced in Italy by master craftsmen.

Marm \ More is made from marble dust, a by-product of marble production. The new fabric is available in two colours – light grey or natural green – and can be chosen for any upholstered product within the 2021 Collection or any of the older pieces in Bentley Home’s portfolio.

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