CHANEL’S New Fragrance – ‘Gabrielle’

CHANEL’s new Eau de Parfum called GABRIELLE (in honor of Coco CHANEL’s younger-self), was created by Olivier Polge and was announced as CHANEL’s first “pillar” fragrance release since CHANEL Chance in 2002; and as with all big new releases, there will be lovers and there will be haters out there.

CHANEL | GABRIELLE (editorial)

Olivier Polge has described GABRIELLE CHANEL Fragrance (€103/50ml; €146/100ml) as an “abstract floral.”

CHANEL | GABRIELLE (50ml, 100ml)

It is a delicate, clean and very feminine scent. One would expect it to be more powerful and sweet. It is definitely a daytime fragrance, a sunny, easy-to-wear scent which suits each and every age. It is unexpectedly subtle and fine, yet very modern.

It is flowery and has a sort of richness, which is not at all overwhelming. It is somehow sparkly and a combination of classic and contemporary. It definitely has character but it is a bit disappointing that it doesn’t last very long.

Regarding the bottle, it’s been said that it has been five years in development. It was designed by Sylvie Legastelois, head of packaging and graphic design creation.


It is a Deco bottle with its faceted four-corner front and back, which is colored in a soft golden shade and which comes with a golden Lamé bag for storage. The flacon shimmers and transmits the light beautifully.

CHANEL | GABRIELLE (golden lamé bag)
CHANEL | GABRIELLE (packaging)

Kristen Stewart is the perfect face of this campaign and of CHANEL in general.

She embodies power and also a subtle femininity. She is different, not very liked, however admired; she is definitely original and with an awesome sense of style.

GABRIELLE CHANEL | Kristen Stewart – the face of the campaign

GABRIELLE CHANEL is not an earth-shattering fragrance, however it has charm and puts a spell on you if you dare to try it!

Source: Georgia Boanoro

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