ASPIRE Pick of The Week: VivaMayr Spa & Wellness Resort, Altausse.

The advent of June signals that we are halfway through the year. Tired or burnt out already? Everyone is working harder, but what toll is this stress taking on our bodies? In a time of fast-moving trends, the VIVAMAYR medical spa is regarded as a constant for obtaining a healthy and vital lifestyle. It’s a place of balance and tranquility, which makes it possible to return to yourself.


In the heart of Europe, in the centre of Austria, is Altausse – a wonderful plateau surrounded by the central Alps. The VIVAMAYR is situated directly on the shores of Lake Altausse. It is a climatic spa and the excellent air quality helps relieve stress and activate the metabolism. Outdoor physical activities include tennis, biking and running trails.


The VIVAMAYR principle connects valuable knowledge about natural remedies with most modern medical diagnosis and treatment. This combination leads to a significantly increased well being, a robust immune system as well as better mental and physical performance.


Salt plays a major role in the wellness and health facilities of the spa area. Salt, ” white gold” as they call it has a tremendous healing effect on the skin and respiratory tract – supported by a sole steam bath, the indoor salt water swimming pool and the Watsu treatment in the highly concentrated salt tub or the sauna with a rock salt wall.

Guests experience ultimate feel-good moments and relaxation in the beauty area with panoramic views of the mountains. Purifying and harmonising facial treatments, nourishing and revitalising face masks  and body scrubs invite you to relax and let go..

The modern Mayr medicine strives for holistic health – a  healthy diet, detoxification and sustainable healthy weight loss are combined to a meaningful whole. The doctors develop an individual therapy program for each guest. The exact compilation of treatment and applications isn’t created until the attending physician has done an initial examination.


The restaurant serves healthy, low calorie delicacies. The food tastes great but adds nothing to your waistline.


The last challenge of Viva Mayr is that the Wi-Fi is only available in the rooms and nowhere else! This is because they believe too much technology is also toxic. Go figure!

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The first few days may be daunting but try to stick with the program. The founders describe it as an “unsurpassed place of evenness, a place to rediscover yourself, to find the way back to yourself”. Truer words could not have been spoken.


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