Apex by Roja Parfums is Poetry in Motion, Speaking to the Heart

Have you ever experienced a Roja?

Well, I have, and it would not be an exaggeration to anyone who owns a Roja and already knows about the wonderful fantasy that is a Roja scent. For its latest launch, Apex by Roja, the maxim ‘experience is the best teacher’ is the only fitting description.

The new Apex by Roja perfume
Apex by Roja. Image courtesy of Roja Parfum

On September 8, 2022, in Lagos, 31 specially-curated guests united by the love for great scents and comprising fragrance collectors, luxury aficionados and the media were hosted by Montaigne place at the Z kitchen to a multi-sensory experience involving fine dining, delightful scents, deep conversation and a budding camaraderie. Underpinning it all and at the centre of the evening was the ‘scent of the hour’, Apex by Roja Parfums.

On arrival at the dinner after pre-dinner drinks, one was immediately drawn in by a large, leafy wreath, with the words APEX at its centre providing a green shade for the perfume.

Dotting this wreath were all the fruits and fruity notes that make up the new fragrance. From the introductory flavours of lemon, bergamot, mandarin and orange, to the slightly stronger scent of pineapple in the middle and a definitely powerful base note of juniper berries.

The decor at the launch of Apex by Roja in Lagos
At the launch of Apex by Roja in Lagos, the perfume was placed on a platform and surrounded by decor that put on display its fruity and floral notes. Image courtesy of Montaigne Place

The bottle itself is square-shaped, with a black into green ombre effect from top to bottom. Inside this dark and mysterious bottle is Roja Apex, a fragrance that begins with a citrus-based top consisting of zesty lemon, bergamot, mandarin and refreshing orange.

Connecting us to our primal energies, the animal-like effects of leather, ambergris and musk lay in the shadows, bringing their sensual impulse to this highly-addictive new fragrance. Roja Apex celebrates the natural wonders of the world, honing in on those who roam it.

The result is a fruity, floral and chypre fragrance that is at once fresh as it is strong, not in the least overbearing, but incredibly sexy and unapologetically bold.

The brand might have created this as a masculine scent, but all the ladies at the event including yours truly, unanimously agreed that we had no reservations whatsoever in getting our hands on a bottle for ourselves!

A guest at the launch
Guests were invited to interact with the perfume. Image courtesy of Montaigne Place

The launch event delicately and with the utmost attention to detail delivered on the Apex ethos. From the delicious green signature cocktails at the pre-dinner reception to the entire decor and menu. It was an evening that was most befitting of the powerful fragrance that is Apex by Roja.

Roja Dove, the perfumer behind this new fragrance, said Apex was inspired by ‘primal instincts.’

“I have always said that we must not forget that we are animals. We’ve been using scent for millions of years to catch food, escape danger, and to find a mate. it is these primal instincts that inspired me to create Apex. [It] connects man and nature. The citrus opening represents the beginning of reaching your Apex with a bright blend of bergamot, lemon, mandarin and pineapple. Base notes of patchouli and fir balsam evoke the feeling of being surrounded by nature, while notes of leather add warmth and sensuality. We have also used sandalwood and frankincense to give it a spiritual feel,” explains Dove.

The new sent surrounded by some of its floral, green notes
The new fragrance is at once fruity, woodsy, fresh and green. Image courtesy of Roja Parfums

If you’re on the lookout for a scent that is as smokey as it is woodsy, but one that is also fresh and invokes the feeling of the great outdoors while still somehow conferring upon its wearer a hint of prestige and success, then you should try Apex by Roja. As we’ve said, it is a fragrance that is better experienced than described.

Apex by Roja is available at The Montaigne Place, Nigeria’s largest luxury Skincare, Cosmetic, and Fragrance retail company. For more information and enquiries follow @montaigneplace on Instagram and Facebook.

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