This Season, Give the Gift of an Ajmal Perfume — or Two!

If you thought giving gifts was overrated or inconsequential, consider this: research and psychological studies reveal that this often-overlooked act has been a part of human evolution and is linked to the ways through which we cultivate and foster human connections.

In other words, because we are social beings, the act of giving gifts, either to ourselves or to others, is important for our survival. Giving is not just the way we express appreciation, but it is also one of the ways through which we grow and evolve as a species.

Luxury gift boxes
Tis the season of giving – and receiving – gifts. Image courtesy of Wallpaper Access

But even if we all understood its benefits, shopping for the right gifts that would express the sentiments we are hoping to convey is hard. It is why we have chosen to team up with Montaigne Place to help ease this process a bit for you.

Montaigne Place is well known for stocking the biggest and best names in the luxury fragrance, skincare and beauty world, so, if you’re looking to get gifts in these categories, it is definitely the place to go. One brand to look out for is Ajmal, a Middle Eastern perfume brand with a rich heritage spanning over seven decades and an international presence in over two dozen countries of the world.

Wondering what Ajmal perfume would be a great gift to give this season? Here are some great suggestions to consider

Amber Santal

If you’re in the market for a woody scent with a rich and creamy, consistency that manages to last for a long time without being overbearing, then you should definitely get Amber Santal.

Ajmal Amber santal is a good gift idea
Amber Santal by Ajmal would make a great gift for lovers of woody scents

A member of the Ajmal A series, Amber Santal’s top notes of cypress, pepper and nutmeg, alongside its base notes of sandalwood, patchouli, cedar and amber is a great gift for a perfume lover with a bias for the sandalwood scent.

Amber Wood

For a stronger, muskier and more intoxicating woody scent, Ajmal’s Amber Wood should be the scent on your radar.

Ajmal Amber wood perfume bottle
Wondering what would be a good gift for a man? That would be the Ajmal Amber Wood perfume

This perfume might be better suited for a romantic partner or a close family member/friend as its fragrance is reminiscent of warm, intimate moments. It would also be a great gift for yourself if its notes are to your liking.

Hatkora Wood
Hatkora wood by Ajmal is great for giving gifts
Although there is a hint of wood, Hatkora Wood gives off a more citrusy scent

Don’t let the wood in the name fool you — Hatkora Wood by Ajmal is more citrusy than woody, and with the top notes of Hatkora lemon, lemon and peach; middle notes of saffron, lavender, ginger and rose, and, base notes of agarwood (oud), sandalwood, ambergris, amber and musk, you get a scent that is strong enough to pass as a fragrance for men, but with whiffs of softness that it can easily be worn by a woman who loves a perfume that veers away from the traditional feminine powdery fragrances.

Violet Musc

This floral, powdery Ajmal perfume is a perfect gift for a female friend, family member or even a colleague this holiday.

Ajmal Violet musc is a great gift for anyone
There’s a good reason why Ajmal Violet Musc is a bestseller

While it is true that not every female loves floral, powdery fragrances, an expert mix of musk, lily of the valley, ylang ylang and rose at the top followed by the more elegant violet and finished off with the base notes of amber and more musk make the Ajmal Violet Musc a delightfully floral affair that is hard to resist.

Purely Orient Amber 

This is definitely the scent to get for someone whose taste in perfume you’re unsure of.

Ajmal's purely orient amber is a great gift for the hard-to-decode
Purely Orient Amber is one perfume that has just about a hint of everything

A mix of bergamot and pepper with rose, rosewood, jasmine and palisander finished off with amber, oud, musk and sandalwood ensures that there is something of interest here whether the receiver is a lover of spicy scents or one that leans towards powdery fragrances or even someone who is more interested in woody perfumes.

All Ajmal perfumes are available at Montaigne Place stores nationwide. 

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