Easy Beauty Tips for a Pandemic-Laced Rainy Season

While the rains this year have not been as heavy as last year’s, this season is even more significant because we are going through it in the middle of a pandemic that has not shown any signs of slowing down soon.

Image courtesy of SHAH Shah on Unsplash

Heavy rains plus a pandemic equals lazy beauty routines, right? Wrong! Nothing is an excuse to let your beauty regimen go down the drain. Even if you do not want to go all the way, ensure you are following these simple steps religiously

1. Taking hot baths more than usual? Moisturise.

If you find yourself taking more hot baths this season for whatever reason, you may find out that your skin is drier than before.

Beauty tips during the rainy season
Hot baths can leave the skin drier. Always moisturise. Image courtesy of GregoryButler from Pixabay

This is normal. Hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils, proteins and fats which keep it healthy. Make sure to use a moisturising cream, oil or lotion after each bath on a slightly-damp skin to lock in moisture and keep you glowing. If you sweat more often than the average person, a water-based moisturiser should do the trick.

2. Closed doors do not mean unruly curls.

The Coronavirus is still with us, and despite relaxed lockdowns, a lot of us continue work from home and have no reason to go out as often.

But this is no excuse for the matted hair some of us hide under silk bonnets and tired wigs, or the caveman look some guys have decided to run around with. While the rain will not affect your hair if you do not have to go out often, dark skies and a gloomy weather can dampen your mood, which will be further worsened by wild hair flying everywhere.

Beauty tips during the rainy season
Neat and good looking hair will lift your mood even in gloomy weather. Image courtesy of Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash

Take down braids or cornrows that have lasted far longer than they should. When it isn’t washday, keep your hair in a simple protective style. This is the perfect time to grow healthy hair, so don’t waste it.

And guys, if you can, have fun with your clipper. Or if you do not live alone, get friends/a significant other/siblings to help out.

3. Do not neglect your everyday beauty routines.

You are not sweating as much because you’re indoors and the weather is cooler? Your skin may have not gotten the memo!

Beauty tips during the rainy season
Keep up with your regular beauty routines, even behind closed doors. Image courtesy of silviarita from Pixabay

Wash your face at least twice every day. Exfoliate weekly, or as often as you would normally do. Cleanse using your favourite product. Don’t give up on your beauty regimen simply because you are still in the comfort of your home and the rains have further discouraged movement.

4. Don’t forget to use sunscreen if you have to be outdoors.

Rains do not mean the sun has gone to sleep.

5. Finally, stay hydrated.

Trust me, your body does not automatically absorb water even if you are under the rain!

Beauty tips during the rainy season
Don’t forget to stay hydrated. Image courtesy of Piqsels
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