ASPIRE Valentine Edit (Day 11): Lasting Memories by Kunmi Owopetu

Maybe you feel that Valentine’s Day is overrated, and yes, when I was young enough to know everything, I had the same thought. But after having had a year like the one we just left behind and reading up on other people’s stories of loss while experiencing mine, I have realised that it is fine to take a break from the mundaneness of life and create time to celebrate special moments, no matter how cheesy it might appear. Speaking of special moments, Kunmi Owopetu understands what it means to capture these occasions and leave them evergreen in this ephemeral world.

Capture your love this Valentine's Day with Kunmi Owopetu
Image courtesy of Kunmi Owopetu

I am going to get all African at this point and share the proverb that says that “If you do not know where you are going, you must remember where you came from.” We definitely know where our Valentine Edit is going, but we will not assume you have been with us all the way.  And so, if you want to know what we’ve been up to, check out our latest story here, which would also link you to all the brands we have highlighted with special packages for you this season.

An African woman sitting down
Image courtesy of Kunmi Owopetu

Kunmi Owopetu is a star photographer. But it is not just about the right positions, lights and clicks. “I am an adept storyteller. I believe that photography gives us an opportunity to define ourselves, a rare avenue to tell our stories and portray visions of our ourselves in the form of tastefully crafted imagery,” says the talented photographer.

A model photographed by Kunmi Owopetu
Image courtesy of Kunmi Owopetu

In the last decade, Kunmi has done just that – tell stories through his stunningly clear pictures. Just like his pictures, his art has an interesting backstory. Kunmi’s father was a graphic artist, and as a child, he sought a way to explore his own side of these creative genes. He first dabbled into pencil drawings and then tried on his father’s shoes by venturing into graphic designing before he finally found a foothold in photography.

Take pictures with Kunmi Owopetu this Valentine's Day
Image courtesy of Kunmi Owopetu

This Valentine’s Day, Kunmi Owopetu is inviting you to capture the beautiful essence of your love before the keen eyes of his lenses. Give yourself and your partner the gift of beautiful, lasting memories from a creative who knows how to frame your story even better than you imagined.

To book an appointment, please visit Kunmi Owopetu on Instagram.

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