4 Luxury Auto Brands that have produced Super Cool Yachts

If there is one thing luxury auto brands have perfected over the years, it is the art of diversification. But perhaps their most natural jump has been the foray into the world of luxury yachts.

The top deck of the AM37
Luxury auto brands have some of the finest, most luxurious yachts in the maritime industry. Image courtesy of Aston Martin

Luxury yachts are not in short supply. But when luxury automakers decided to it was time to get wet, the concept took a whole new meaning. From modelling the boats after popular marques to employing the same tech used in their cars, the yachts from these brands marry some of the best features in the automotive world with some of the most desirable characteristics in theirs.

Here are some luxury yachts by luxury auto brands that have made quite a splash in recent years

The Bugaatti Niniette 66 by Palmer Johnson

If Bugatti has ever made an ugly car, we are not aware, and so, it comes as no surprise that its yacht would be as much a delight to look at as their autos.

The Bugatti Niniette 66 beside the Bugatti Chiron
The Bugatti Niniette 66 bears a striking resemblance to the Chiron. Image courtesy of Palmer Johnson

Built by Monaco-based shipyard, Palmer Johnson, the Niniette 66 is inspired by the Chiron and features the iconic ‘c shape’ line on its side. Its deck and hull are made out of carbon fibre and finished in blue and silver tones, while its interior combines carbon fibre, leather, and natural blue morta oak for a truly luxurious feel.

The lower deck houses a jacuzzi and fireplace made of fibreglass, both of which are surrounded by comfortable seats that make up the social area. There is also a champagne bar and a sun deck right in the middle.

Below deck is a generously-sized lounge and next to it is a bedroom with a double bed and bathroom.

The social area on the top deck of the Niniette 66
The social area features a jacuzzi and a fireplace. Image courtesy of Palmer Johnson

Powered by two v8 engines, the Bugatti Niniette 66 (Niniette was the nickname for Lidia Bugatti, founder Ettore Bugatti’s daughter, while 66 stands for the length of the yacht, 66 feet, and the number of examples Johnson hopes to build for this concept) can reach top speeds of 44 knots and has a shallow draft of 0.83 metres.

Lexus Sport Yacht by the Marquis-Carver Yachts

Unlike the Bugatti Niniette 66, the Lexus Sport Yacht is a bespoke, one-off example that the auto brand has no intention of producing on a commercial scale.

The Lexus Sport Yacht is a luxury yacht by a luxury auto brand
The Lexus Sport Yacht is a one-off example. Image courtesy of Yacht Harbour

It was built in collaboration with Marquis-Carver Yachts (now Marquis Yachts) using a composite of two-part polyurethane epoxy resin reinforced with a composite material called carbon-fibre reinforced plastic, or CFRP. This material allows the yacht to be at least 1000kg lighter than one built using fibreglass-reinforced plastic (FRP).

The view of the Lexus sport yacht from the back
The Lexus Sport Yacht is made using a material that allows it to be lighter on water than its peers. Image courtesy of Yacht Harbour

At the helm is a colour touchscreen that shows GPS navigation; digital charts; surface radar; underwater sonar and lighting, and contains the entertainment system, while the forward passenger cabin features a sofa that can sit a total of six people, and a table. A galley with a two-burner stove, sink, under-counter refrigerator and shower head complete the design.

The Aston Martin AM37 Powerboat by Quintessence Yachts

Do you know what Aston Martin did when it decided that it was time to move its creative capabilities from land to sea?

The AM37 is a yacht from luxury auto brand Aston Martin
The AM37 concept took two years to research and develop. Image courtesy of Aston Martin

It assembled a team of its most experienced designers, picked the brains of its master craftsmen, collaborated with naval architect Mulder Design and contracted the help of Quintessence Yachts to create a 37-foot powerboat, aptly named the AM37.

The AM37, which took two years of research and development “is a day cruiser that can be transformed into an overnight berth by transforming the table into a comfortable bed.” Perhaps its most distinct feature is its sliding deck technology, a lightweight ‘cover’ consisting of three carbon panels that can completely cover the cockpit of the boat at the touch of a button.

The AM37 comes with a sliding deck cover
The Sliding Deck Technology protects the yacht from the elements. Image courtesy of Aston Martin

With a carbon fibre dashboard that resembles that of Aston Martin’s most advanced sports cars, luxurious leather seats, mood lightening and other luxurious amenities, it is safe to say that the AM37 is a true luxury nautical vessel.

Dashboard of the AM 37
Yachts by luxury auto brands always feature the best materials from the automotive world. Image courtesy of Aston Martin

The Aston Martin Yacht comes in two versions — the AM37 with an estimated top speed of 45 knots and a choice of two 370 hp Mercury diesel or two 430 hp Mercury petrol engines, and, the AM37S version with twin 520 hp Mercury petrol engines that provide an estimated speed of 50 knots.

The Lamborghini 63 by Tecnomar

Per Lamborghini, the last thing they wanted was for their yacht to simply be a luxury supercar that could ride the waves. And while the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 is anything but that, it is undeniably the boat version of the Sian FKP 37.

The yacht by luxury auto brand lamborghini has been designed to look like the Siàn FKP 37
Like the Bugatti Niniette, the Lamborghini 63 yacht has been designed to look like the Siàn FKP 37. Image courtesy of Superyacht Times

But this is not the only Lamborghini model that makes an appearance on the yacht. The two leather pilot seats are modelled after the Huracan Evo while its dashboard looks exactly like what you would find on any Lamborghini marque.

The yacht is very fast but does not give any vibrations
For a yacht of its proportion, the Lamborghini 63 is super fast and yet gives little to no vibrations. Image courtesy of Lamborghini

Powered by a pair of MAN V12 diesel engines, each packing 2,000 hp, the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 can reach top speeds of 60 knots, making her one of the fastest yachts in her class.

Looking to get one? That would set you back by at least $3.5 million.

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