Uplifting Education within Africa and Beyond

Ms Caroline Esinam Adzogble is one of the youngest female entrepreneurs in Ghana today. At 26, the entrepreneur is the youngest African and Ghanaian woman to own and run an accredited college – Potters International College. A feat she accomplished at the age of 24. She has interests in education, technology and social development, a passion she nurtured as a teenager. She also has interests in multidisciplinary business ventures and has spent the last six years in that area.

Caroline Esinam Adzogble 

A business administration and computer science student when she founded and established the school as an IT Training Institution in 2012, Ms. Adzogble is also the developer of Admission in 30 Minutes, Everyday Travels and Tours Caroline Technology Solutions, and the Mercy Heart Foundation. She has many more ventures that are sister companies to Potters International College which she runs successfully. She boasts seven years of international consulting experience.

She currently manages four business ventures; Potters International College, C-Tech Solutions, The Mercy Heart Foundation and IAES. She founded the Potters International College with the aim of empowering young people with vocational skills at certificate and diploma levels in areas such as Information Technology, Business, Journalism, Beauty Care, and Public Relations.

She is partnering with foreign schools through her school, Potters International College to provide travel and study options for students who want to pursue programmes outside of Ghana. With an interest in technology, Ms Adzogble started coding and developing websites at a young age and this spurred her to set up C-Tech Solutions; the company renders comprehensive IT services to companies in the areas of mobile app development, website deployment, data integration, software development, online marketing and other areas of consultancy.

During the course of building her international college, she also set up what is now known as International African Education Summit, a pan-African education event platform which works with foreign universities to provide students with study opportunities overseas. This programme was set up to organize education tours in 52 countries bringing institutions and students together to share recruitment information and simplify admission processes.

Caroline Esinam Adzogble 

Through her Caroline RISE Awards, Ms Adzogble provides 10 scholarships every year to deserving students to study in Ghana or overseas. These awards and several other community-based initiatives are carried out under the auspices of a non-profit organisation, The Mercy Heart Foundation.

Ms Adzogble’s interests are not only into ventures and charity, she is also a writer and her e-book series “the Super Agent and School Guide” is amongst the various ways she has broken barriers and women stereotype. She has set new frontiers for young women trying to establish themselves as successful entrepreneurs, without any funding, she has been able to ignite the spirit of “I Can” spurned by enthusiasm and passion, to set new foot prints for young ladies the world over.

Adzogble was recently quoted saying, “I am on the quest to uplift Education within Africa and beyond. To make Education the most accessible and affordable to students located in over 146 countries.”

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