This Fabergé Bejewelled Dragon Egg is the Perfect Gift for Avid Game of Thrones Fans

It’s been 10 years since the advent of the much-acclaimed HBO series, Game of Thrones, and to commemorate its anniversary, Fabergé has created a jewelled-encrusted egg inspired by the Mother of Dragons and her quest to seize the Iron Throne. (if you are yet to watch the series and are avoiding spoilers, this may be a good time to stop reading and just glance at the images only)

The Fabergé Game of Thrones Dragon Egg
The Fabergé Dragon Egg is a tribute to the Game of Thrones series. Image courtesy of Fabergé via Robb Report

Co-designed by Michele Clapton, the award-winning British costume designer who worked on the eight-season saga, the one-off objet d’art is reminiscent of the dragon eggs that Daenerys Targaryen is gifted in the first season, albeit much more embellished. The collectible also pays tribute to Daenerys’s detailed costumes and riveting story arc, particularly her ascent from orphaned exile to formidable monarch.

“The design references Daenerys Targaryen’s incredible journey and the importance of colour within her costumes, her passion for her dragons, and the way she portrayed messages via her jewellery throughout her journey on the show,” Clapton said in a statement. “References from the textures of the dragons and their iconic eggs were used to inform the surfaces of this egg object.”

The Fabergé egg is inspired by Daenerys Targaryen's character
The surface of the egg is inspired by the story as well as Daenerys Targaryen’s costume. Image courtesy of Fabergé via Robb Report

This collector’s item showcases the storied jeweller’s superior craftsmanship and is replete with diamonds, 18-karat white gold and fine enamelling. In classic Fabergé fashion, it also opens up to reveal even more bling within – and luckily, you won’t have to wade into a fire to get it to open. At the centre, a miniature crown sits atop a glistening crystal base. This is a smaller version of the diadem that Daenerys would have donned if she’d managed to hold the Iron Throne for longer than a few moments. (Spoiler alert! She was killed by her nephew/lover Jon Snow) The crown is set with a sizable pear-cut ruby, which was responsibly sourced from the Gemfields Montepuez ruby mine in Mozambique.

The egg cracks open to reveal the crown Daenerys would have won had she ascended the throne. Image courtesy of Fabergé via Robb Report

“I knew instantly what the secret gift should be, there was never a doubt; it had to be the crown that Daenerys believed throughout her life was her destiny,” Clapton added. “With the crown, I referenced her dragons, their wings sweeping around protecting the beautiful Gemfields ruby that represents Daenerys, her house colour, and her fierce quest to rule.”

Naturally, the once-in-a-lifetime collector’s item will likely set you back a pretty penny: Fabergé has confirmed that the GoT egg will cost $2.2 million, which is no surprise considering the budget for the series itself ran into tens of millions of dollars.

The miniature crown in the
The miniature crown in the egg is set with a single pear-cut ruby.

Inquiries regarding the Imperial Class Fabergé Game of Thrones Egg can be directed to Fabergé’s team via

Source: Robb Report

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