This $80,000 Vacation Will Let You Live Like James Bond for 3 Weeks

Take a risk and transform into James Bond in this epic $80,000, four-country, seven-city European vacation neither you nor your loved ones will ever forget.

The 21-day itinerary includes private jet travel, stays at 5-star ‘safe houses,’ rides in luxury supercars, and meals by Michelin star chefs. There’s even a professional film crew to help you turn your adventures into your very own Bond movie. And really, what better souvenir could there be?

James Bond
The 007-themed vacation will let you literally walk in the shoes and steps of the iconic action-movie character. Image courtesy of Getty Images via Travel + Leisure

In London, guests will have the chance to guard Britain’s crown jewels, carrying out a special agent assignment that would feel at home in any Bond storyline. In Norway, special forces teams will join guests for a paintball adventure that culminates in a helicopter extraction and boat ride through the Norwegian fjords.

“You basically get to play Bond for the entire trip,” says Lindsay Boyd, whose travel agency is designing the trip.

Several filming locations from Bond movies including the upcoming No Time to Die and 2012 favourite, Skyfall, are on the itinerary, with stops in Norway, Italy, and Scotland.

Skyfall in Scotlans is one of the locations in the Bond movie
Places to visit include locations that appeared in the Bond franchise. Image courtesy of Sykes Cottages

Of course, the trip won’t be all spy work. Guests also will have the chance to play golf in gorgeous St. Andrews, Scotland, and relax at the idyllic Lake Como in Italy. There’s also sure to be plenty of glitz and glamour with a high-end casino night and the London premiere of No Time to Die – the 25th movie in the James Bond series – on the agenda.

Not sure what to wear on the red carpet? Don’t worry. Travellers will have the option of planning shopping excursions with wardrobe designers who have worked on Bond movies, according to Boyd. And of course, there will be several opportunities to drive your dream Bond car – whether it’s a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, or an Aston Martin.

The Aston Martin DB10 that appeared in the James Bond movie, Sceptre
Guests will also get to drive the cars that have appeared in the movies of the Bond Franchise. Image courtesy of NOLN

The invitation-only trip is scheduled for Sept. 26 through Oct. 17 and can accommodate up to 50, fully vaccinated people. To request a booking, fill out this form.

Source: Travel + Leisure

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