The New Birkin 3-in-1 is all the Bag You need for Work, Play and Life

You already know the history of the Birkin and how Hermès came about the name. And while you may not necessarily be bothered about the exact details of its incredibly high price point, you know for a fact that it is a highly coveted bag, and one you would love to grace your closet and of course, your hands.

But as with all things rare and dear, the Birkin just might cease to be a cult favourite or at least no longer feature at the top of the must-have list. Of course, it will always be a desired collectible item, but maybe just not one that remains a sought-after staple across generations. Which may explain why Hermès has upgraded its most popular handbag to an even more versatile, functional 3-in-1 tote that even you cannot resist.

The 3-in-1 Birkin in a caramel-colored Barenia Faubourg calfskin
The 3-in-1 Birkin. Image courtesy of NY Times

The Birkin 3-in-1 made its debut appearance at the Hermès autumn/winter 2021 collection designed by the Maison’s current creative director, Nadège Vanhée-Cybulski. It sashayed down the runway alongside other covetable items like the Hermèsway bag – a leather affair consisting of compartments and pockets – and, the keychain lariat which is perfect for keeping your keys securely against your chest.

The Birkin 3-in-1 is essentially a practical upgrade of its original, designed to follow you wherever you go. It is the marriage of a tote bag and a clutch made up from the bag’s interior pochette, that, when put together, will convert this brilliant creation to the standard Birkin.

The canvas clutch from the 3-in-1 Birkin
The canvas pochette carries the recognisable flap of the classic Birkin. Image courtesy of Vogue

In this design, it is the canvas clutch that bears the classic leather flap. On its own, it is just enough to hold your keys, phone, mask and a few other essentials. The main tote on the other hand is spacious enough to include your laptop and every other thing you may want to stash in it.

To create the image of the Birkin we all know and love, when put together, the clutch’s slits pass through the handle of the tote to stay firmly in place while it lies across the top and fits nicely to the bag’s gussets.

The 3-in-1 Birkin in Sapphire
The bag allows you to transition from day to night easily. Image courtesy of Vogue

“The Birkin 3-in-1 is constructed as a puzzle,” says Catherine Fulconis, who oversees Hermès’s equestrian and leather goods. “One bag, two elements, three uses: It can be a tote, a pouch or a tote and pouch combined. It becomes everything in one.”

This latest addition to the Hermès family is available in a caramel-coloured Barenia Faubourg calfskin or a Togo calfskin in gold, biscuit, black and sapphire.

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