The Latest Cartier Home Accessories Collection Has Something for Everyone

Luxury fashion and lifestyle brands are not newcomers to the home decor scene and almost all have either a home accessories collection or an interior decor line. For Cartier however, its latest Art de Vivre home collection is more than a combination of beautiful accents for your home: it is a collection of bits and pieces for everyone in your home.

The Panthère de Cartier Collection
Trays and jars in the Panthère de Cartier art de vivre collection
Trays and jars in the Panthère de Cartier Art de Vivre collection. Image courtesy of Luxuo

First in this line is the Panthère de Cartier collection featuring the image of the panther, a recognisable feature of the brand since its 1914 debut. The big cat continues its legacy in this sub-collection, taking on a graphic, vibrant exterior with these trinket trays and pots.

Available in three basic but nuanced shades of red, blue and green, the accessories are made from Limoges porcelain, a unique type of hard-paste porcelain produced in the French city of the same name. The material is valued for its exceptional sheen and luminosity, earning it the nickname, ‘white gold.’

The Diabolo Collection
Items in the diabolo collection
The items in the Diabolo collection are embellished with significant icons. Image courtesy of Luxuo

Diabolo refers to a juggling game that gained popularity in France in the 19th century. Here, Cartier borrows the name of the game for a series of everyday accessories for the person on the go. Think lacquered cardholders and hefty key rings embellished with icons dear to the house, like the red-capped bellboy and the ‘Liberated Bird’ motif, a design that was created after the occupation of Paris ended in 1944.

Other items in the Diabolo range include a lacquered keepsake box, a series of porcelain candle holders, and a music box that plays La vie en Rose.

The Baby Universe
Tumbler, spoon and rattle in the baby universe collection from Cartier
The Baby Universe sub-collection contain child-friendly items for your toddler. Image courtesy of Luxuo

This seriously cute, future heirloom collection is a line of toddler-friendly home accessories that include a pair of rabbit ear spoons, rattles engraved with your choice of adorable woodland creatures, and a sterling silver tumbler.

Source: L’Officiel Singapore

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