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A Sotheby’s-Inspired Guide to Collecting Luxury Bags

So, you have decided you love luxury bags enough to start collecting them. Where do you start, and how do you build an incredible collection that is the envy of the luxury bag-collecting world? For help, we turned to Sotheby’s, a clear authority in this field. The auction house recently concluded…


Is Telfar dropping a New Circular Clutch Soon? We hope!

Luxury bags – and in general luxury goods – usually make quite the splash when they launch, but only a few become true classics that retain their value years after, turning into alternative assets that trade quickly on the secondary market. Birkins are a good example, and also the Chanel Flap bag…


The Top 10 Iconic Hermès Handbags You Should Know

The Birkin needs no introduction – not even to future generations. But do you know that Hermès has other iconic, and equally beautiful, durable bags? And no, we do not mean the Kelly, even though this Birkin cousin is all of these things. If you’ve been trying to get your hands on a Hermès Birkin…