Start Your Day Right with an Aromatic Alarm Clock

If you are a “coffeeholic,” you may find this interesting. While most people are amazed by pod coffee makers and other innovations on espresso machines, you will surely be delighted with the Barisieur Coffee & Tea Alarm Clock.

Barisiuer Coffee & Tea Alarm Clock. Image Courtesy: Barisieur

The Barisieur is a brewing alarm clock that will help you wake up and start the day right. Wake up with the delectable smell of freshly brewed coffee.

Not a coffee drinker?

Worry not! The Barisieur is also designed to brew tea. Whether it is green, black or gourmet tea, the Barisieur can surely brew it for you!

This brewing alarm clock offers extremely outstanding craftsmanship with an 80’s concept. It seemingly projects workmanship that has been engineered by NASA and practically designed by IKEA.

The Barisieur provides a simple workflow. Before you go to bed, simply set the alarm, then enjoy a restful sleep. When the time is right, you will wake up to your favorite aroma. Whether it is tea or coffee, the Barisieur is ready for you to seize the day.

Barisiuer Coffee & Tea Alarm Clock. Image Courtesy: Gadgets Wizard

The Barisieur is an automated brewer that stimulates your five senses. First, you will see the water flow into the filter. Second, you will hear the bubbling sound of coffee or tea. Third, you will smell the goodness of tea or coffee as it fills the room. Fourth, you will taste and enjoy your freshly brewed beverage and savor every sip. And lastly, you will feel the warmth of coffee or tea emitted from your cup.

Now, isn’t that delightful?

While other coffee makers need to be manually operated before you can enjoy a cup of coffee, the Barisieur provides the convenience that other espresso machines cannot. When you wake up, your morning beverage is ready on your bedside. You don’t have to get up and make coffee, simply sit on your bed and enjoy the richness of coffee or the rejuvenating taste of tea.

The Barisieur is easy to use, easy to set up, and easy to learn. It also offers versatility as it can be used for brewing tea or coffee. And its craftsmanship works perfectly in your room, in the kitchen or living room, and even at work.

Induction heating is embedded in the mechanism of this brewing alarm clock. Induction heating is a process that promotes efficient boiling time. Thus, ensuring good coffee in the right amount of time.

The Barisieur is safe and practical to use. All of its components, including glassware and stainless steel parts, are all dishwasher-safe. This brewing alarm clock is CE-certified.

Barisiuer Coffee & Tea Alarm Clock. Image Courtesy: Indiegogo

This machine offers functionality and contemporary timeless aesthetics. It has a milk vessel that is designed with bespoke Peltier cooler. This coffee brewer also has sealed drawers for your brewing accessories.

The makers of the Barisieur aims to build a brewer that is not just usable but can also bring excitement and pleasure to people.

Start your day with the right cup of tea… or coffee, that is!

Source: Science Times

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