Reveal Your True Self with these Luxurious Scents for Men

A great perfume can improve your mood and enhance your confidence, and, if you choose right, your perfume can uplift your character, showing you up before the world actually even gets to see you.

The best luxurious fragrances for men
Perfumes say a lot about who we are.

Looking to change your scent, or add to your collection of fragrances? These newest luxury perfumes should be exactly what you need to make a lasting impression:

Aventus 10th Anniversary by Creed

The best luxurious fragrances for men

This limited-edition fragrance has at its base ambrox, cedar, leather, moss, musk, and patchouli that come together to bestow on its wearer the characteristics of someone warm and inviting. Its top notes of pineapple, bergamot, apple, black currant, green notes, orange and pink pepper further complement this feeling of a friendly man who can be easily approached.

If fruity, warm fragrances are your thing, then this is the perfume for you.

Danger Pour Homme – Roja Parfums

The best luxurious fragrances for menDanger is part of Roja’s latest collection for men. Its warm top notes of lemon, lavender, bergamot and tarragon are bound to draw people closer before they are slammed by the highly sensual base notes of rhubarb, clove, cumin, Patchouli, cedarwood, Vanilla, and musk amongst others.

Do you love adventures tinged with a bit of sensual delights? Danger Pour Homme by Roja Perfums should be at the top of your must-have list.

Layton Exclusif – Parfums de Marly

The best luxurious fragrances for men

There are few things more attractive than a man of mystery, and when this quality expresses itself in a scent, it is even more alluring.

Consisting of top notes bergamot and grapefruit; heart notes geranium and cinnamon, and base notes cypriol and guaiac wood essence, Layton Exclusif is an intense scent that exudes impulsive strength shrouded in mystery.

Scandal Pour Homme – Roja Parfums

The best luxurious fragrances for menIf you love attention, you are going to absolutely fall in love with Scandal Pour Homme from Roja Parfums.

This spicy scent induces excitement with top notes that include spearmint, basil, lavender and lemon and drives it further upwards with base notes of rhubarb, clove, casmir, tonka bean, moss notes and musk, amongst others. With Scandal, you are sure to never walk into a room unnoticed.

Godolphin – Parfums de Marley

The best luxurious fragrances for men

Suitable for the refined gentleman, Godolphin by Parfums de Marley combines top notes thyme and saffron with heart notes roses, iris and jasmine and base notes amber and vanilla to cloak its wearer with a strong masculine scent that connotes sophistication and intelligence.

All perfumes are available at the Montaigne Place

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