Prada debuts its First Fine Jewellery Collection, and it is more than Just Beautiful Accessories

There is a first time for everything, and for Prada, the time has come for it to launch its first fine jewellery collection. Dubbed Eternal Gold, this new jewellery line is more than a combination of dazzling stones and precious metals.

Amada Gorman wears the double-faced earring from the Prada Eternal Gold collection
Amanda Gorman is one of the faces of the new Fine Jewellery collection from Prada. Image courtesy of Prada

Like the latest jewellery drop from Louis Vuitton, the LV Diamonds, Prada has managed to make its iconic symbol, the Prada Triangle, a recurring element in every piece. The heart-shaped pendant is shaved off at the middle to taper down into the shape of the triangle. A necklace is made of interconnecting rings that finish off in the shape of the triangle. Even the spiral serpent cuff — Miuccia Prada is renowned for her collection of cuffs which she prefers to wear snugly around her right tricep — ends with the Prada Triangle.

The 48-piece collection, which has been described as genderless, also features earrings, ribbon chokers and bracelets. Some of the pieces can even be combined to form an item, like a chain bracelet that can be connected to a necklace with the help of the triangle closure to form a longer sautoir. “We were thinking about how the modern woman is not one thing,” Timothy Iwata, Prada’s jewellery director, said of these hybrid elements.

some jewellery pieces from the Prada Eternal Gold collection
Every piece in the Prada Eternal Gold collection features the triangle, Prada’s iconic symbol. Image courtesy of Robb Report

However – in what can be considered the most standout feature of the Eternal Gold collection by Prada – this new line is not just your standard luxury jewellery collection made from the finest and highest-quality materials. Every piece in the collection is made of 100 per cent recycled gold, sprinkled with pavé diamonds and meets the “chain of custody” standards set by the Responsible Jewelry Council, as confirmed by Lorenzo Bertelli, group head of corporate social responsibility.

A ribbon choker from the collection
Sustainability is at the heart of the Eternal Gold collection, with every piece fashioned from 100% recycled gold. Image courtesy of Wallpaper

When you purchase any piece of the Prada Eternal Gold fine jewellery collection, you receive an authentication card which can be scanned using Aura Consortium Blockchain technology to reveal its entire source-to-store journey. This scannable chip technology is, according to Prada, the first within the fine jewellery world. However, the idea is not a novel one seeing as Louis Vuitton offered buyers of its LV Diamonds a certificate of authenticity listing the diamonds’ weight, colour, purity and cut, their country of origin and all the nations they travelled through while documenting this journey on the blockchain via the Aura Consortium.

The Eternal Gold collection by Prada is available for purchase at its stores in Milan, Rome, Paris, London, Dubai, Beverly Hills, New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai and Beijing. The drop will also be available online from October 17 in Europe, the United Arab Emirates, the U.S., China, Japan and Korea. Depending on what you want, pieces are available to buy immediately and through pre-order or made-to-order.

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