More Reasons Why You Should Get the Creed Viking Cologne

Experts say that most people are drawn to particular scents – without realising it – because they evoke certain endearing moments in our history, or are reminiscent of a particular person or event that is important to us.

As if that is not enough to throw you off trying out new scents, our tendency to stick to our tested and trusted habits would do it for you. Once you’ve developed your signature scent, switching to a new perfume when there is no serious need for it would be difficult. Like they say, better the devil you know…

Besides, your current fragrance may just have its roots in the gift that was handed down to you by your significant other or relative. Maybe it was the first bottle of perfume your dad got you when you officially became an adult, or it was a gift from your first and only true love, and changing it would be a betrayal to the memories of the ones you’ve loved and still love.

Whatever your reasons are for sticking to your current scent, they are valid. But, not enough to stop you from trying out the Viking Cologne by Creed.

The new Creed Viking cologne
The new Viking Cologne is a descendant of the Viking.

Because, you see, this new cool fragrance is packed with notes you’re already familiar with. Sitting at the top are bergamot, lemon, pink pepper and mandarin, followed closely by the calming middle notes of lavender, nutmeg, rosemary and sage. All of these gently give way to the stronger base notes of frankincense, sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver for a truly aromatic scent that is perfect for summer and all the seasons in between.

And even if you’re not looking to switch scents, the Creed Viking Cologne will make a perfect legacy gift for your son. The House of Creed started out in 1760 as a tailoring business in England, before moving to Paris in 1854 where it bloomed into the niche fragrance brand it is today. Over the years, it has served royalty and people just like your child who have grown up to develop specific, discerning tastes of their own. This direct descendant of The Viking – a more electrifying scent of fire and ice – with its storied roots, is what your son needs to build his own signature scent.

Besides, who says that this aromatic scent cannot be your own gift to yourself as you turn over the pages to a new chapter of your life? Its citrusy, subtle yet strong fragrance will serve as the perfect companion to the uncharted territories of your life.

So, even if you are not looking to change your current fragrance, you should get the Creed Viking Cologne for that special person in your life. And if at this point, that special person is you on the cusp of a new adventure, even better.

Viking Cologne is now available at all Montaigne Place stores all over the country. To find one closest to you, go here.

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