Louis XIII introduces N°XIII, its Ultra-Rare Red Decanter Cognac for the 1 Per Cent of the 1 Per Cent

Do you believe you belong to that ultra-special class of humans who have unlimited access to some of the world’s most exclusive products and experiences? Remy Martin’s Cognac house, Louis XIII, wants you to test this against its N°XIII Experiences, an extremely rare tasting event linked to its equally rare, red N°XIII cognac decanter.

The Louis XIII N°XIII cognac
LOUIS XIII Cognac Introduces the red N°XIII. Image courtesy of Benjamin Colombel
The N°XIII Experience

Louis XIII has created a special experience around the N°XIII cognac to enable patrons feel and look at time differently. Working with select nightclubs, anyone who is lucky to secure a seat at the table will not only have a taste of the exclusive drink but will also participate in set rituals that include getting served from a special cognac pipette — known as the Spear, to prolong the drop–by–drop service ritual and allow clients savour the aromas and notes at length — as well as sipping from one of six red bespoke crystal glasses on a luminous tray.

The red drinking glasses for the N°XIII on a special tray
The red N°XIII will include getting served in specially-made glasses on luminous trays. Image courtesy of Snap Taste

Following this tasting ritual, clients may leave the nightclub with their N°XIII decanter (if the rules of the club and local legal regulations allow) as a treasured souvenir of the most memorable of nights. The NFC–enabled stopper that accompanies it grants the owner exclusive access to the LOUIS XIII Society and all its membership benefits.

The first N°XIII decanter arrived in the U.S. and was unveiled on October 15 at OMNIA in Las Vegas.

Specially crafted by Hand

LOUIS XIII has collaborated with Saint–Louis, the oldest glass manufacturer in Europe, to create the striking handmade N°XIII red decanter and red cognac glasses.

Close up image of the N°XIII showing its number
The bottles were crafted with the utmost skill and individually numbered by hand. Image courtesy of Multivu

Each piece has been blown, cut, decorated, engraved, and individually numbered by hand in a special, secret process that requires the addition of gold to achieve the vibrant red hue. The decanter is further finished with the LOUIS XIII signature dentelle spikes and a palladium neck.

Are You the One?
The red decanter of the N°XIII against a black background
The N°XIII is limited to just 200 bottles. Image courtesy of Dan Forbes

Only 200 bottles of the red N°XIII cognac will be available worldwide. If you’re interested, you can try your luck by ordering one of the N°XIII Experiences via the LOUIS XIII Society or purchase one directly through select nightclubs. A LOUIS XIII Brand Ambassador will then contact you to organize this unique adventure. According to Lous XIII, “The experience is so exclusive that there is greater chance of being accepted on a space mission.”

Guess the only question left is, can you get your hands on the N°XIII?

Source: PR Newswire

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