Louis Vuitton has a new Jewellery Collection, the LV Diamonds

What immediately comes to mind when you hear that Louis Vuitton has dropped a diamonds-themed jewellery collection?

Heavy yellow/white gold rings with a prominent diamond stone resting against a bezel setting? Big, ostentatious bracelets and necklaces decked out with diamonds? Statement pieces in modern designs?

Earrings from the LV Diamonds collection
The Louis Vuitton Diamonds Jewellery collection is the definition of understated chic Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton

In what may come as a surprise, the 22-piece LV Diamonds collection, consisting of rings, earrings and pendants in a variety of styles, is a minimalistic yet bold, gender-fluid line that puts at its centre the brand’s iconic monogram flower made by Georges Louis Vuitton in 1896.

The LV Diamonds collection was designed by Louis Vuitton’s Artistic Director for Watches and Jewellery, Francesca Amfitheatrof who relied heavily on the maison’s archive for inspiration. For example, the classic and bold new signature cut – the LV Monogram Star – which appears in every piece, is inspired by the brand’s flower motif.

The LV Monogram Star
The new LV Monogram Star is the centrepiece of the collection. Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Another style borrowed from the brand’s archives is the Art Deco-style V which Gaston Louis Vuitton, Georges’ son, used to paint on suitcases in the 1920s and ‘30s. This aesthetic informs the design of the rings in the collection offered in platinum, rose gold and half-pavé styles. Pendants and earrings, crafted from the Monogram Star diamonds, are offered in a range of five sizes from large to small, while checkerboard bands, reminiscent of the house’s 1888 Damier canvas, complete the collection.

Rings from The LV Diamonds collection
The collection borrows heavily from the Maison’s archives. Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton

If you purchase any piece of this collection, you will also receive a certificate of authenticity, listing the diamonds’ weight, colour, purity and cut, their country of origin and all the nations they travelled through before coming to you. This journey is also cemented and documented on blockchain technology, operated by Aura Blockchain Consortium.

Pendant and necklace from the LV Diamonds collection
Every piece in the collection comes with a certificate of authenticity. Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Currently, the LV Diamonds collection is only available at the maison’s New York Fifth Avenue and Los Angeles Rodeo Drive boutiques. The complete international release is slated for 2023. Prices range from $880 to $4,500 for the unisex rings; $4,000 to $48,000 for the LV Monogram Star diamond rings; up to $352,000 for the LV Monogram Star diamond earrings ; $3,700 to $29,000 for the pendants, and, $2,500 to $26,000 for the non-Monogram earrings.

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