L’Oreal Paris and Balmain Announce Lipstick Collaboration

L’Oreal Paris has announced a collaboration with luxury fashion house Balmain Paris on a limited edition lipstick collection. Twelve new shades will be designed under Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing, split into three colour themes.

Olivier Rousteing

Despite having an impressive array of A-list ambassadors across its make-up, skincare and hair offerings, this is L’Oreal Paris’ first ever collaboration with a fashion house and we are intrigued!

Under the helm of designer Olivier Rousteing, Balmain has built a strong following with its #BalmainArmy of supermodels, which includes Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.While this might be a first for L’Oreal Paris, Rousteing is no stranger to brand collaborations, in 2015, he oversaw the Balmain X H&M collection, which sold out in record time.

“I’m really close to luxury but at the same time I’m also close to pop culture and I think a lot of people who may love the Balmain universe can’t afford the clothes,” Rousteing told Business of Fashion about his reasons for collaborating with the cosmetics giant.

“The collaboration with L’Oreal Paris opens up luxury in a different way. For (consumers) to get a piece of Balmain (make-up) is a way for them to get into the Balmain universe. Make-up has always been part of my aesthetic and my silhouette. Having the opportunity to do that with an institution like L’Oreal Paris for me is an incredible dream.”  

The highly anticipated line will be available in select US retailers starting in September 2017.

Our countdown starts now!

Photo Credit: L’Oreal Paris via Vogue UK

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