IWD2021: Celebrating Women’s History Month and the Choice to Challenge

Welcome to March, a month where we celebrate every woman’s achievement(s) beyond the traditional roles of wife and mother!

The history of how March came to be regarded as Women’s History Month may not be as colourful as the celebrations we have today, but all over the world, it is recognised as an opportunity to address the unique challenges women face every day on account of their gender, and their triumphs in spite of it.

International Women's Day Choose to Challenge
For International Women’s Day, ASPIRE Luxury Magazine will be celebrating the women and men who have chosen to challenge norms and cultural practices with their lives

This month, we at ASPIRE Luxury Magazine will be celebrating women and men that champion women from all over the world every Wednesday. The theme of our feature would be based on the larger campaign theme of International Women’s Day which is #ChooseToChallenge.

As the world moves forward, women from different cultures, countries and creeds continue to take bold steps out of the shadows of obscurity to the centre stage where decisions that shape our societies are being made. From politics to business, economies to social reforms, women are working tirelessly to create a better society. They are advancing to the forefront of a new order, standing as a symbol of hope to other women and a sign to the world of what the future would look like if we all strive towards a more egalitarian society.

This is why we are choosing to celebrate you. Through the stories of select women, we will highlight your efforts to rise above the labels society has placed on you to positions that it typically held away from a gender it has erroneously considered ‘weak’. We would highlight how you, and these women, have in turn given other stereotyped, oppressed groups in our world today the faith that things will be different.

Our Choose to Challenge feature for international women's day will include men
Our feature for Women’s Month would include men who have joined forces with women to advance the cause of the latter. Image courtesy of iStock

And because we understand the danger and imbalance of promoting a single narrative, we would also be celebrating the men who have refused to support a patriarchal society. Our women’s feature would include the men who have chosen to challenge inequality and bias in the pursuit of a just and fair society for all.

We hope you enjoy our selection and are inspired by the stories to continue to choose to challenge what could be better to create a changed world.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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