Get Ready! The Nike Air Force 1 x Swarovski Sneakers is dropping soon

Still confused about the perfect gift for the contemporary urban fashionista in your life? The new Nike Air Force 1 x Swarovski sneakers are almost here to help you out of this fix.

Of course, this is not the first time Swarovski is helping Nike to bling out its shoes: back in 2017, both houses had teamed up for the 20th anniversary edition of the Air Max 97 and earlier this year, they came together again to work on the Swarovski x Nike Air Max 97 Polar Blue. This time around, however, the crystal master’s touch is not subtle: resting on a specially-designed, mesh-like cover (a 4-piece shroud, according to Nike), over 228 retroreflective Swarovski crystals completely dominate the pieces in this collection.

The Nike Air Force 1 x Swarovski in white
Nike’s new collaboration with Swarovski is on the Air Force 1 Low. Image courtesy of Nike

What this means is that you cannot hide under the shadow of darkness in these sneakers. Inspired by road reflectors, the crystals reflect light in the dark, causing its wearer to be visible no matter how much they try to be otherwise. This might not go down too well with everyone, especially if you don’t want to call too much attention to yourself. Thankfully, the shoes come with Swarovski crystal-studded mini screwdriver that you can use to take the blinged panels off. Apart from ensuring you can enjoy your sneakers without too much attention when it’s dark, it also translates to more customisation options for you.

One leg of the Nike Airforce 1 by Swarovski in the dark
The sneakers reflect light in the dark. Image courtesy of Luxury Launches

The Nike Air Force 1 x Swarovski sneakers come in two colourways of all-white and all-black. Made from premium leather, this collection is for women only. There is no word yet on whether or not there would be one for men, and judging by past designs from the collaboration of both brands, it seems very unlikely. However, who says guys cannot rock this model too?

The matching Swarovski screwdriver beside the sneaker
The Swarovski Air Force 1s come with a matching screwdriver to take off the blinged shroud. Image courtesy of Nike

Dropping on December 2, 2021, the Nike Air Force 1 x Swarovski sneakers will sell for $450. They have a certain shocking effect when you get your first look at them, but this slowly turns to an exciting admiration as you study the design further. If we’re to hazard a guess, they will sell out quickly as soon as they are available. So, if you snag a pair, make sure you’re notified beforehand.

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