Get Behind the Production of Justin Bieber’s Custom-Made Rolls Royce Wraith

You must have seen Justin Bieber’s West Coast-customised Rolls Royce Wraith by now, but, just in case this beautifully-crafted, sleek, futuristic piece of silver-grey wonder missed your attention, here is an image to drool over.

The West Coast Customs customised Rolls Royce Wraith for Justin Bieber
The customised Rolls Royce West Coast Customs made for Justin Bieber. Image courtesy of Robb Report

A couple of weeks back, images of Bieber’s latest automobile (because it would be a great injustice to call it anything less) flooded the internet, giving rise to online exclamations of wonder, and of course, many questions. Now, the CEO of West Coast Customs, Ryan Friedlinghaus, is taking us behind the scenes to understand the history, concept, and creation of this one-off masterpiece that may just give birth to many others of its kind from Rolls Royce.

The Bieber- bespoke Rolls Royce Wraith took 3 years to complete
The Vehicle took West Coast Customs three years to complete. Image courtesy of Robb Report

The boss of West Coast Customs (best known for its role in the TV show Pimp My Ride) reveals that the car is inspired by the all-electric Rolls-Royce 103 EX concept unveiled in 2016. Actually, Bieber had wanted to purchase the car when he saw it. But, being a one-off concept car, Rolls Royce refused, and West Coast, being the bespoke auto company that it is, set out on the long, hard road to creating something close to it.

In creating the one-off, West Coast Customs shortened the Wraith by 8 inches and widened it by 12 inches. Once the design was complete, they completed a 3D scan of the Rolls-Royce and from there were able to create the bespoke body panels. It was then the job of the company’s bodywork experts to perfect the shape of the vehicle before it rolled into the paint booth and was finished in a combination of gloss silver and matte grey.

The Rolls Royce 103EX concept that informed the design of the Bieber-Bespoke Wraith
The Rolls Royce 103EX concept that informed the design of the Bieber-Bespoke Wraith. Image courtesy of Car Scoops

Perhaps the most notable aspect of the vehicle’s design is the wheel covers that make it look as though the car is floating. But equally impressive are the shaved doors and absence of side mirrors that increase the automobile’s sleek look by probably 110%. West Coast Customs also spent a considerable amount of time customizing the interior and installing a stereo system from JL Audio that’s far superior to the car’s standard audio setup.

West Coast Customs also created a bespoke interior for Bieber
A slight peek into the vehicle’s interior. Image courtesy of Robb Report

In all, the Bieber-bespoke Rolls Royce Wraith from West Coast Customs took three years to complete, and in my very humble auto-view, it was well worth the wait. Bieber seems to agree with me because, in the video above, he broke down crying when he saw the vehicle. And honestly, who wouldn’t when given the keys to this beauty?

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