Clash de Cartier [Un]limited is a Dual Jewellery Collection with a Twist

There are not so many jewellery Maisons that can evoke the same kind of emotions as Cartier. And with its newest capsule collection, Clash [Un]limited, it is easy to see why.

The latest designs, which are set to drop next month, are an extension of the Clash de Cartier collection which launched in 2019. Expect to see all the sparkles and exquisite craftsmanship associated with the brand, but also be on the lookout for pieces that break the stereotypes of forms, stretching the limitations of metal, stone, and design beyond usual and leaving you with jewellery that flaunt exaggerated volumes, intense black oversized studs, and bold wearing options.

Clash de Cartier [un]limited ring and bracelet set
Image courtesy of Luxury Launches

Only recently, it announced that it was adding black onyx beads and Tahitian pearls to a collection that would symbolise “a clash of attitudes.” [Un]limited reinvents the stunning and captivating Clash de Cartier in clashing monochromes while retaining the excessive, spiky and voluminous motif.

A standout piece in the collection is the provocative oversized stud, where the onyx romances the diamond cone. A similar aesthetic is spotted in the studs that form a purple crest of intense, punk colour in a ring that’s impactful and daring. Other fun pieces included in the collection are pocket gems, two-finger rings, stacked rings, statement-making ear jewellery accompanied by clips to be worn inside or along with the ear.

A reversible bracelet from the clash [un]limited collection by Cartier
Some of the pieces are reversible. Image courtesy of Luxury Launches

Perhaps, what makes Clash de Cartier [Un]limited even more unique are its reversible bracelets and necklaces for the love of multipurpose and playful jewellery. The pieces are designed to offer multiple uses, like the articulated ring dotted with pyramidal diamond and onyx studs that can be opened and worn as a midi ring. There is also a “mitten” timepiece made of a rose gold mesh set with a constellation of diamonds surrounding a Baignoire Allongée watch. To keep the intrepid effect of the collection intact, one of the pieces – a white-gold reversible watch – is hemmed with studs.

The mitten watch from cartier unlimited
The mitten timepiece in the Clash de Cartier Unlimited range. Image courtesy of Luxury Launches

Living up to its name, Clash de Cartier Unlimited goes beyond the typical offerings of a jewellery collection. Refreshing additions include a reversible handkerchief holder crafted in white gold, onyx and diamonds; pocket jewels made out of white gold, with the repeating combination of onyx and diamonds finished with rhodium, and, matching cufflinks.

Cartier has named actress Lily Collins the face of the collection. She would also be the face of the Double C de Cartier bag which launched in April this year.

Source: CPP Luxury 

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