Choosing the Right Art for Your Personal Space

When we think of beautifying our spaces to reflect our character and personality, what we immediately focus on are colours, furniture, other fixtures, and lighting. However an important element is art, as it not only adds to the aesthetics of the room but could be a candid reflection of our inner man and the culmination of past experiences.

How To Choose and buy The Right Art Pieces Your Personal Space
Illustration by Precious Ugbo via Twitter

Good art has so much to give. It injects life into a space, giving the room where it resides a voice of its own. Think of a living room that has family portraits dating back to generations hanging on the wall, for example. The moment you go in, you are almost sure to hear it whisper, “Welcome to my home. Take a look around to understand who I am better. This is who I am, and these are the parts that have come together to make me whole”

Art speaks to us and for us, giving us the courage to confront realities and situations we may find intimidating. It can be the perfect conversation starter, a muse or a source of inspiration and comfort in times of uncertainty and despair. Featuring art in your interior design plans is extremely important, and the right art will do more for your space than any other fixture in the room.

How To Choose and buy The Right Art Pieces Your Personal Space
Loo Masks by Kossi Aguessy Courtesy of Ala via Instagram

But how can you choose the right art from all the beautiful pieces available globally? Sotheby’s Robin Cawdron-Stewart explains how

Buy what you love.

Sometimes, when we are thinking of art pieces to fill our personal space with, we are told to collect investment pieces whose value increase over time. But this is a mistake.

How To Choose and buy The Right Art Pieces Your Personal Space
Don’t just choose an image because of its value: choose it because you love it. Art by Ara Deinde via Twitter

Art is supposed to reflect who you are, and since it is something you would most likely have to live with for the rest of your life, it only makes sense that is a piece you will never tire of or come to detest because of the mood it evokes in you and your space.

Collect across categories.

How To Choose and buy The Right Art Pieces Your Personal Space
Art is more than paintings. Daily Mirror by Ben Enwonwu via Face2FaceAfrica

Art is beyond paintings. It could be sculpture, prints, design furniture, studio ceramics and even photographs of famous people. When you are looking to introduce art into your home decor, look across all categories. You are more likely to make a better decision for yourself and your space when you do not restrict yourself.

Find out about provenance.

Where did the art piece come from? Who did it? Who was it owned by? Where has it been exhibited? The provenance of the art piece you are seeking to buy is basically its entire life history prior to the moment you took interest in it.

How To Choose and buy The Right Art Pieces Your Personal Space
Always find out the history of a piece of art before purchase. Art of the Benin Kingdom via Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Why is this important, you may wonder. Apart from the fact that it helps you spot fakes easier, it also gives you information on how valuable a piece of art is, how its value has fared over the years and also how desirable it will be in future. It turns the art from a mere piece to a living object, replete with rich history and interesting origins.

Make a budget and stick to it.

Determine just how much you want to spend on art before going on a journey to possess it. This is important because you may become emotional to several pieces at once and end up spending more than you should as a result.

How To Choose and buy The Right Art Pieces Your Personal Space
The first station of the cross by Lamidi Olonade Fakeye courtesy of The Jesus Question

A budget helps to keep you in check, and along with other steps listed above, will assist you to make the right decision of just how many pieces you should be taking home.

Don’t rush it.

How To Choose and buy The Right Art Pieces Your Personal Space
Don’t rush your purchase. Gravity and Grace by El Anatsui courtesy of The Akron Art Museum

Good art, like all good things, takes time, and choosing a piece that is best for you and ticks all the boxes will not demand any less. As you foray into the world of art in search of something that speaks to you profoundly, beware of buyers trying to make a quick profit or specialists trying to convince you. You are the one who is going to spend the rest of your life with your decision, so why rush?

Great collections take time and careful consideration, so take it slow and choose wisely!

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