Chanel’s New Holiday 2017 Collection, Collection Libre Numéros Rouges

One month after the launch of the Chanel Holiday 2017 collection: Collection Libre Numéros Rouges. The stars, that are thrust to the forefront and centre, are a selection of Chanel’s popular Rouge Allure lipsticks, in a festive, limited edition red lacquered case. They usually come in black, but the red is beautiful! It is a very sleek packaging, as there are no protruding bits at all.


This Christmas, Chanel aims to help you find your perfect red lip, by presenting you with 4 shades in 2 textures, from which to pick. Chanel has made their festive lipsticks in the Rouge Allure range, and provided us with 2 formulae. The regular Rouge Allure formula, which has more shine, and the Rouge Allure Velvet, which is a more matte formula. I have said before, that I am not a fan of matte lipstick in general, but the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet is an exception. Not only are the colours beautiful, they do not dry out the lips, nor settle into lip lines, and above all, do not look TOO matte, as to crinkle up your lips. It is a beautiful formula.


Collection Libre Numéros Rouges
  • No. 1 – This is a Rouge Allure formula, and swipes on lips with a lovely shine, and is a bright, true red, with a hint of warmth to its undertone. It is bright, and a beautiful skin brightening shade.
  • No. 2 – This is a Rouge Allure Velvet formula, which makes it matte, but it isn’t too matte. It does give your lips an almost velvety appearance. The shade is a little deeper than No. 1 but is a fairly true, neutral red. It looks very deep in the tube, but does not swatch as deep as it looks.
  • No. 3 – This too is a Rouge Allure Velvet formula. The lipstick in tube look deep and dark, but again, does not swatch as deep. This one has a significantly deeper tone of red, with a noticeable cooler, blue tone.
  • No. 4 – This is a Rouge Allure formula, which offers up shine and slip. This one is a noticeable orange-toned red, which I feel will look amazing on someone with a warmer skin tone.
Enrapturing Raspberry Red, Rouge Allure Velvet No 2

I love these lipsticks from the Chanel Collection Libre Numeros Rouges collection, and if you too love red lipstick, you will need one of these. I don’t say this lightly! If nothing else, you’d want one just for the beautiful red and gold packaging, that is festive and gives you a lovely rush of joy when you pull it out for touch-ups.

Source: My Women Stuff

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