Bugatti Sur Mesure: Bugatti’s Solution for A Truly Unique, Intimate Auto

Over the years, Bugatti has allowed its customers to personalise their autos through its offerings of various colours and materials that they can choose from. Now, the French auto brand has launched the Bugatti Sur Mesure, its official customisation program “to meet growing customer demand for ultra-customized designs, materials and finishes.”

The customised Chirob Pur Sport by Bugatti Sur Mesure side by Side the Type 51 that inspired it
Bugatti’s new customisation program, Bugatti Sur Mesure, will allow you create your unique auto, like this one inspired by Louis Chiron’s Type 51. Image courtesy of Bugatti

As part of the official program, with one-to-one support from the Bugatti Sur Mesure Team, customers will be guided through the world of possibilities open to them. When configuring a Bugatti, the sheer number of exterior colours and leather finishes is nearly unlimited, but for those who wish to take a further step and create a truly unique piece of personalized automotive art, Bugatti Sur Mesure is at their disposal. From initial design concept through to vehicle production and final handover, customers will get the opportunity to create an auto that is truly unique, personal and intimate.

Interior of the customised Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport
Customers will be involved in the creation process of every bit of their chosen model. Image courtesy of Bugatti

And to show you an example of just what to expect, Bugatti has unveiled the first customer project from its new program, which translates to ‘tailored.’ It is the Chiron Pur Sport, inspired by the 20th-century heroics of renowned racing driver, Louis Chiron. This truly one-of-one model was painted entirely by hand in two new paint colours, and also features a new fading ‘EB’ painted pattern – also applied meticulously by hand – which is complemented by a multi-layer stitched ‘EB’ motif on the door panels.

Close up image of the hand painting of the Bugatti
The paintwork is achieved by hand. Image courtesy of Bugatti

Hendrik Malinowski, Bugatti’s Managing Director for Sales and Marketing, comments: “For many years, we have worked with our clients to create their own personal vision of the ultimate hyper sports car. It has always been a highly tailored process, but as an ever-increasing number of our clients request detailed and intricate customization, the launch of Bugatti Sur Mesure will ensure we can cater to their desires with the perfect level of detail required from a Bugatti.”

The first customised Bugatti by the Bugatti Sur Mesure team
You will not be only involved in the design, you’ll also be involved in the execution process. Image courtesy of Bugatti

“Our clients are often deeply intrigued by Bugatti’s motorsport lineage, and it’s fitting that the first Sur Mesure commission should pay homage to one of our great racing icons. We’re so taken with this creation that we intend to make many of this customer’s ideas available to more of our clients with the Chiron Pur Sport.”

Source: Bugatti

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