Bermuda Launches One Year Residential Certification Program

If you could get your work done from anywhere in the world, where would you choose? The sanctuary of your bedroom? A co-working space in the heart of the city? Your same old  office that probably involves hours of tiresome traffic before you can access it?

Or a private island tucked within an island surrounded by pink-sand beaches and the glorious splendour of nature?

Bermuda is offering a One Year Residential Certification program
Bermuda. Image courtesy of Larry White from Pixabay

If you are anything like the rest of the world that wants peace and quiet for a while, then the last option is definitely your answer. Which, incidentally, Bermuda is offering you. Following the passage of new legislation, Bermuda has just announced the August 1st launch of the One Year Residential Certification program, which grants non-Bermudians permission to work or study from the island for twelve months, with unlimited entries/exits allowed.

“Bermuda has always warmly welcomed visitors to her pink sand shoreline, and we are excited to continue that tradition of hospitality with this revised long-stay residency program,” Glenn Jones, Interim CEO of Bermuda Tourism Authority, tells Robb Report. “This initiative paves the way for an infusion of economic activity for local businesses (and gives us) an opportunity to share our uncrowded open spaces and coveted island lifestyle with travellers from across the globe looking to work or study remotely.” Jones adds that thanks to proactive leadership, Bermuda has also managed the pandemic well, with the island re-opening “safely and responsibly” to regular commercial flights from around the world on July 1; find more about its Covid-19 travel policies and requirements here.

Bermuda is offering a One Year Residential Certification program
Bermuda’s One Year Residential Certification program has been modified to allow non-citizens access to work and study on the Island while entering and exiting at their convenience. Image courtesy of Sandra Seitamaa on Unsplash

Once the program goes live on August 1, those interested in being a digital nomad (and who meet the program requirements) can apply for the residency certificate via the government’s website, for a one-time application fee of $263. Once approved, newly minted residents are welcome to enter and exit as needed for one year, and can settle down anywhere on the 21-square-mile island. You have the option of residential rentals or even private islands like the Hawkins private island.

Hawkins Private Island. Bermuda is offering a One Year Residential Certification program
Hawkins Private Island can just be the ideal spot for you and your family in your one year sojourn away from home. Image courtesy of Hawkins Private Island

Whatever options you choose, it is the ultimate digital nomad destination.

Source: Robb Report

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