ASPIRE Valentine Edit (Day 1): Balinese Massage by The Wellness Box

Hello February! We are in the month of love! Regardless of the tempestuous waves of uncertainty that is the still-raging pandemic and its other related consequences, we are sure of one thing: Valentine’s day this year is going to be way different than anything we have become used to.

Valentine's day edit featuring The Wellness Box
This Valentine, celebrations would vary greatly from what we’re used to. Image courtesy of Gabby K from Pexels

An unfortunate reality, is that we might know at least one person that has been infected by the virus or have even had a personal experience with it. We might have also experienced loss or anxiety more acutely in the last 10 months as we have had to navigate constant rapid changes like players on an obstacle course, racing against time to overcome hurdles both seen and unseen to get to the finish line.

Which is why it isn’t just appropriate, but also very necessary to give the best gifts this season. We have searched high and low, and have come up with a list of gifts for Valentine’s that no one could resist or reject, not even the pickiest of people. Over the next 14 days, we will be lighting up our pages with the perfect presents you could give that special someone in your life – which by the way could even be you, but we are sure you knew that already!

So, curl into your perfect position with a glass of whatever you love, and binge on our truly interesting list. Also, do not forget to have your cards handy so that you can snatch them up before they run out!

The Wellness Box logo
The Wellness Box is an organic spa that offers effective skincare solutions, including massages and body treatments. Image courtesy of The Wellness Box

There are few things in life more exhilarating in pandemic living than laying flat out and feeling, one by one, all the built-up stress and fluttering nerves gently ease out of you as expert hands travel across your body, loosening knotted muscles and relaxing locked joints. This is the experience The Wellness Box is offering you this Valentine’s.

The Wellness Box, Abuja

The Wellness Box is not just your regular spa. Using organically-created products to coax your skin and body to life, this health and wellness brand offers effective skincare solutions as well as a range of world-class massages and body treatments using the finest certified organic products.

The Wellness Box is offering a Balinese massage this Valentine's day
The Wellness Box is offering a Balinese massage. Image courtesy of The Wellness Box

For Valentine’s day, The Wellness Box is taking you on a massage trip to Bali, the ‘Island of a Thousand Temples’ and the home of beautiful beaches. Experience a taste of this peaceful, soothing Island with an invigorating yet relaxing Balinese massage that incorporates the use of herbs and heat to relax and soothe sore muscles.

Balinese Massage
Spa in a Box

If massages are not your thing, however – and we cannot imagine why – you can still enjoy the health benefits the spa has to offer with their subscription “wellness boxes.” Packed full of specially-curated items, the wellness boxes will help you maintain your overall well-being away from the spa.

Visit The Wellness Box on Instagram today to book an appointment for Valentine’s day and treat yourself or your loved ones to a relaxing day at the spa.

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