ASPIRE Valentine Edit (Day 2): Perfumes by Montaigne Place

This article is a part of a 14-day series. If you missed the first story, you can catch it here.

What do you do after you have pampered your body and mind, and are feeling all refreshed and relaxed on Valentine’s day?

Going out might not be the safest option, but who says you can’t dress up at home for a romantic date. Image courtesy Naija Loaded

Of course, you dress up for an exciting outing with your significant other, whether it be an individual, a group of friends or just yourself. But – and we know that this is beginning to sound as old as the words ‘new normal’ that seemed to almost always colour everything we did and said last year. We are still in strange, precarious times, and going just about anywhere on a day that will most likely be busy might be a bit too adventurous for the average human.

So, your outing may be a romantic evening dinner at home. Or a romantic staycation at a hotel or local short-let apartment. Or a noisy affair with friends plopped in front of a large screen watching a movie or competing in some virtual game. Whatever activity you would be indulging in, it is certain you would not only want to look your best, but you would also want to smell your best and basically put your best foot forward. Segue in our next gift idea for Valentine’s Day.

Montaigne Place

Montaigne Place is Nigeria’s foremost luxury fragrance, skincare, cosmetics & well-being company. A market-leader driven by innovation, exceptional customer service and cutting edge products, Montaigne Place strives to meet and exceed expectations at all levels.

Boasting of exclusive partnerships with top global brands such as Creed, Roja Parfums, Parfums de Marly, Atelier des Ors, Alexandre J, The Spirit of Dubai, The Merchant of Venice, Yves Rocher and Murad, the company is poised to continue wowing the public.

For Valentine’s day, Montaigne Place is offering an extensive range of exclusive perfumes that hold within their watery worlds scents created to transport you to a different place and time while expressing your personality in delightful, sensual and exciting ways.

Creed, Sublime Vanille

Creed Sublime Vanille at Montaigne Place
Image courtesy of Montaigne Place

The House of Creed is one of the most luxurious and exclusive brands in existence. Founded by James Henry Creed, it has created fine fragrances for the discerning perfume connoisseur and all admirers of quality, style and elegance for over 260 years.

Sublime Vanille is the first fragrance in the Creed Royal Exclusives line. It is an oriental vanilla fragrance for women and men, and sparkles with notes of lemon and bergamot. Soft and shimmering with a heady decadence, this scent captures its wearers in a heady aura that that is bound to render anyone who smells it powerless to its hypnotic spell.

Roja Parfums, Elysium Parfum Cologne

Roja Elysium Parfum Cologne for Valentine's day
Image courtesy of Montaigne Place

Roja Parfums was established by British perfumer, Roja Dove, and is widely recognised as the world’s most luxurious fragrance house. Roja Dove is renowned for working with only the finest quality materials, from handmade silk-lined boxes to bespoke crystal-encrusted 24-carat gold caps, all costing considerably more than pure gold.

Elysium Parfum Cologne is an aromatic fougère fragrance for men. Crafted for the heroic and virtuous man destined to achieve the life he desires, this perfume gently draws you in with its top notes of lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, lime, lavender, thyme and musk, before holding you down in its heart notes of lily of the valley, rose de Mai, jasmine, apple and blackcurrant and locking you forever with base notes of pink pepper, galbanum, vetiver, cedarwood, juniper berry, benzoin, vanilla, leather, ambergris, and more musk.

Atelier des Ors, Rouge Sarây

Atelier Des Ors Rouge Saray
Image courtesy of Atelier Des Ors

Atelier Des Ors was born of the desire to create and express a personal vision of French Haute Perfumery and the dream of creating sophisticated, alluring and sensual scents.

Rouge Sarây, launched in 2020, is an oriental fragrance for women and men that travels back to ancient times to capture the adventures and tales of the historic trade routes that traversed the Middle East, kept alive today through the vitality of alluring spices and scents. Long considered a potent symbol of abundance and hospitality, Rouge Sarây sublimates the date and its fruity and fleshy aromas in top notes of plum, cinnamon and jasmine; middle notes of dates, patchouli and heliotrope, and, base notes of vanilla, guaiac wood, Peru balsam and sandalwood.

Parfums de Marly, Kalan

Parfums de Marly Kalan for Valentine's Day
Image courtesy of Montaigne Place

Parfums de Marly draws its inspiration from the century that is celebrated as the pinnacle of French elegance: the 18th century. Founded in 2009 by Julien Sprecher whose love of perfumes was passed down from his father, Parfums de Marly is a high-end perfumery brand which conjures up a dreamlike state with its “signature” fragrances, a strong position and concepts that are short, striking and direct.

Kalan by Parfums de Marly is an Oriental Spicy fragrance for the man or woman who is comfortable and confident in their own skin. Feel its irresistible force the second you splash it on from its top notes of blood orange and black pepper; middle notes of lavender and orange blossom and base notes of moss, Tonka bean, white sandalwood and amber.

Merchant of Venice, Red Potion

Merchant of Venice Red potion available at Montaigne Place
Image courtesy of Fragantica

Merchant of Venice is a brand that has its conceptual origins in the ancient Venetian art of perfumery and its centuries-old maritime trade with the Orient.

Red Potion by The Merchant of Venice is an oriental floral fragrance for women and men. A noble and refined scent, its top notes are immortelle, tagetes and orange; middle notes are rosemary, orange blossom and honeysuckle, while its base notes are Tonka bean, sandalwood and moss.

Spirit of Dubai, Dubai Majalis

Spirit of Dubai, Dubai Majalis for Valentine's day at Montaigne Place
Image courtesy of The Spirit of Dubai

Spirit of Dubai represents the defining aspects of Dubai and her culture. From the sea, the desert, the heritage, the skyline, the Arabian horses, the natural fragrances, the Arabian hospitality and luxury, their products are inspired by the elements that make up Dubai. The Spirit of Dubai is quite simply a personification of the city.

Dubai Majalis mingles fragrances of heady qahwa (Arabic coffee) and dates mixed with heavenly royal pure rose Taif, cardamom and musk. Rich like the feel of Persian rugs and intricate patterns, Dubai Majalis is the flying carpet to take you on a sensory journey of Arabian hospitality. A truly unique and breakthrough fragrance.

To shop these fragrances, visit any of the Montaigne Place and Yves Rocher boutiques all across the country here. You can also shop online or through the dedicated Montaigne Place Concierge & Order service, where specialists consult & offer advice on skincare, fragrance & cosmetics, as well as gift selection. The specialist can also arrange delivery to any part of Nigeria. Contact Montaigne Place Concierge & Order Service on 0700 MONTAIGNE.

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