ASPIRE Valentine Edit (Day 14): It’s a Wine Affair by Desmo Experience

It is the finale of our special Valentine’s Day feature, and while endings can be super sad, we have tried to make this one particularly enjoyable with exclusive wines from Desmo Experience.

Day 1 – 3

We started our Valentine Edit with a backstory to why we thought it necessary to give special attention to the day this year while easing you into the mood with the Wellness Box. In the spirit of preparing for this memorable day, we introduced you to perfumes from Montaigne Place and gave you an idea of what to do for the day with different Nigerian recipes from the Orishirishi Cookbook.

Chateau Vadois Rose wine from Desmo Experiences
Enjoy exclusive wines from Desmo Experience this Valentine’s Day
Day 4 – 7

On day 4, we introduced you to Lyxvara Concierge whose specially curated experiences for the day would help to take the stress off planning something memorable for the 14th. It is almost certain that even if you would be eating out, some of us would be taking our celebrations home which is why Moët&Chandon made it to our list for day 5. For  homebodies, Eros and Gourmet promises to deliver fine dining to our homes while the more outdoorsy types would find a trip to Dubai more appealing for a different kind of fun.

Day 8 – 10

This season is all about celebrating love, either by yourself or with someone special, and so Montaigne Place came back to us with self-care essentials that can also be shared. Sparkles are beautiful, sparkles are special, and sparkly diamond-infused jewellery from Satta Matturi make for a wonderful Valentine’s gift. But if you want something different but equally special and longlasting, investment packages from Emerging Africa Capital Group would be great as well.

Give the gift of a bottle of Canevel extra-dry Setàge Valdobbiadene this Valentine's day from Desmo Experience
Give the gift of a bottle of Canevel extra-dry Setàge Valdobbiadene this Valentine’s. Image courtesy of Desmo Experience
Day 11 – 13

We want you to create lasting memories this Valentine’s that would see you through this year and beyond, which is why Kunmi Owopetu was perfect for day 11. And since nothing screams romance better than scented candles, we could not resist bringing the luxury candles from Vela Negra to your attention. Mai Shayi Coffee will not only give you the creamiest, warmest breakfast, they would also give you a most amazing coffee experience.

Every product and service that has made it to our list double as gifts and experiences that can be enjoyed on Valentine’s Day and afterwards.

Desmo Experience, Day 14
Image courtesy of Desmo Experience

Desmo Experiences curates events and experiences around fine wines. Most events take place in select European destinations and are combined with “superior quality activities” that make for truly unforgettable memories.

This year, in keeping with the dictates of our socially-distanced world occasioned by the Coronavirus, Desmo Experiences is offering select wines for Valentine’s Day. Enjoy the fruity, delicious taste of the Chateau Vaudois Rosé wine with that special someone, or go for a more intense experience with Bortoluzzi Merlot. Looking for a slightly sweet Prosecco? Then try the Canevel extra-dry Setàge Valdobbiadene. If your taste leans towards softer yet more intense flavours, then the Damilano Lecinquevigne Barolo would prove a perfect affair.

Damilano Lecinquevigne Barolo
Contact Desmo Experiences for special wines this Valentines Day. Image courtesy of New Hampshire Wine Man

Visit Desmo Experiences on Instagram to order a bottle and find out about future experiences.

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