ASPIRE Valentine Edit (Day 6): Gourmet in a Box by Eros and Gourmet

This is day six of our 14-part series. Catch up on the other days here, here, here, here and here.

Whenever I think of celebrations, I immediately conjure up an image of a quiet, indoor affair surrounded by only those that are directly involved. You might be like me, eager to create special moments but unwilling to share them with the world. Even if you are nothing like we homebodies, we are sadly still in the midst of a pandemic and while no one is saying, “cancel Valentine’s Day,” keeping your celebrations indoors is safer than joining a crowd of lovers in public.

Chef Eros Gourmet box for valentine's day
Chef Eros’ Gourmet Box transforms at-home dining. Image courtesy of Chef Eros

Now, this would be a good opportunity to create and participate in your own private cooking class. But, we are taking the weekend off, right? Gourmet in a Box by Eros and Gourmet Brand is exactly the gift you and your partner need to transform a simple meal-at-home to exquisite fine dining, second only to the utterly tasty experience you would have enjoyed at an upscale restaurant.

Eros and Gourmet by Chef Eros

You may know Chef Eros, but do you know that you can enjoy his delicious dishes from the comfort of your home? Eros and Gourmet by Chef Eros is the boutique catering arm of the Chef Eros House of Brands that is well-known for its high standards in taste, quality and service aimed at delivering an unforgettable culinary experience.

Gourmet in a box by Chef Eros
Gourmet in a box will make Valentine’s Day memorable. Image courtesy of Chef Eros

Whether you are looking to have a romantic breakfast, lunch, dinner and even drinks, the Chef Eros House of Brands will give you exactly what you want. The menu curated by Chef Eros includes a modernist take to Nigerian cuisines amongst other cuisines of the world.

And just in case you decide for some unknown reason to have a valentine party of up to 2000 guests, you can still enjoy the day without having to worry about the stress of cooking courtesy of chef Eros.

Choosing Gourmet in a Box for your Valentine’s Day dining

The Gourmet in a box is a beautifully crafted fine dining and casual dining menu by the Billionaire Chef. Buyers should expect a lovely experience trapped in a box. All plates are beautifully executed in taste and looks, and, are seated on an elegant sponge to trap moisture surrounded by flowers to give it an elegant and graceful look. Box also includes cutlery, napkins and the menu.

The Giurmet box can be customised per customer for Valentine's Day
The box can be customised to suit individual needs. Image courtesy of Chef Eros

You can customise your Gourmet Box. You may want to include fresh roses, scented candles, cocktails, mocktails and other gift items to make the whole experience even more special and festive.

Prices for the boxes start at N12,000 for casual dining and N39,999.00 for fine dining. Visit the Chef Eros website or go to the Eros and Gourmet page on Instagram to place an order.

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