ASPIRE Valentine Edit (Day 13): A Coffee Experience by Mai Shayi Coffee

It is the eve of Valentine’s, isn’t it exciting! We have shared with you different suggestions to make your day as beautiful as it should be, but, if you have not made any plans just yet, you may want to consider breakfast at Mai Shayi Coffee which is our recommendation for today.

Enjoy Mai Shayi Coffee blends this Valentine's Day
Image courtesy of Mai Shayi Coffee via Instagram
The Valentine Edit So Far…

Our gift suggestions for the season have included the usual ideas of perfume, skin/self-care products, fine dining and other related experiences, jewellery, spa visits, drinks and a Dubai vacation, to the not-so-often-thought-about ideas of a Nigerian-themed cookbook, a photo session with a creative that is more artist than photographer, and investments designed to create lasting wealth.

Mai Shayi promises a unique outdoorsy experience with coffee
Mai Shayi promises a unique decadent experience with coffee. Image courtesy of Mai Shayi

Not everyone is a homebody, even in the midst of a pandemic, which is why we believe that Mai Shayi Coffee would be perfect for the outdoor types looking for a safe place to relax with their loved ones. Located in Victoria Island, Lagos, Mai Shayi – which literally means the one who makes tea’ in the Hausa language – is a café whose entire menu revolves around coffee. Featuring beans and blends from all over the world, including Nigeria and the larger African continent, the establishment goes beyond just serving coffee and coffee-inspired drinks to creating unique and exciting experiences that draw visitors deeper into the exhilarating world of the beverage.

Order Mai Shayi gift boxes this Valentine's Day
You can also order gift boxes this Valentine’s Day to continue the coffee experience in the confines of your home. Image courtesy of Mai Shayi via Instagram

This Valentine’s Day, experience coffee in a different way at Mai Shayi. Start out your day with any one of their special brews at the café. If you want a more intimate experience, you can order any one of their gift boxes or takeout, as well as accessories to help you make the perfect cup at home. Tables would have to be reserved in advance by calling or sending a Whatsapp message to the number via their Instagram page or their website.

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