ASPIRE Valentine Edit (Day 12): Luxury Candles by Vela Negra

It is two days to Valentine’s Day, and trust me when I say that it is not too early to start setting the mood and getting into the spirit of the day. To help you achieve that, we are sharing with you gift ideas from Vela Negra.

The Vela Negra Lovers Set.
The Vela Negra Lovers Set. Image courtesy of Vela Negra

Close your eyes. Imagine you are in a room in your house with your partner. You have probably been out for the day or you stayed at home to enjoy each other’s company privately. Either way, it’s night time and the world around you is winding down. Night sounds are beginning to give way to total silence, and the universe seems to stand still for both of you.

You have brought in the darkness of the night into your space by turning off the lights. You are so close to your significant other that you are taking in each other’s exhaled breath and locked so tightly in an embrace that you do not know where one body stops and the other begins. You can hear the soft sounds of music playing in the background, but you cannot hear the words that seem to be drifting in from an alternate planet. All around you are softly burning candles whose scents add to your giddy, heady feeling and whose warm lights enhance this magical moment.

The Vela Negra candles are a perfect Valentine gift
The Vela Negra candles feature black-dyed wax. Image courtesy of Vela Negra

This is the kind of ambience Vela Negra wants to help you create this Valentine’s Day and beyond. The Black-owned candle company creates ethically-made luxury candles with black wax that its owner, Aisha Cort says is meant to absorb and dispel negative energy as the candlelight brings clarity and new beginnings. A perfect gift for a loved one and the perfect home accessory for intimate moments.

An assortment of powerful scents from vanilla to sage, musk, rosewater and brown sugar, each Vela Negra candle is individually hand-poured using 100% vegan coconut wax and made with ethically sourced wooden wicks, fragrance, and dye. Each candle also pays tribute to Cort’s Afro-Cuban and Guyanese heritage and packs a deep, colourful history in minimalist black containers or beautifully-carved bowls.

Gift Your loved one this Vela Negra candle on Valentine's Day
Image courtesy of Vela Negra

Visit Vela Negra or Instagram or via their website to confirm availability and place an order.

PS: This is a 14-day series, so if you have missed our other stories, just click the link to our last story and you’ll find the others embedded in there.

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