ASPIRE Review: Choosing the Best of New Roja Collection Might Be a Challenge

This March, Roja Parfums, maker of some of the best luxury perfumes in the world, launched a new collection of seven scents for women. Named Essence de Parfum, this new collection is more than a combination of fragrances: each bottle of perfume is a savoury ode to a particular type of woman.

Roja essence de parfum offers some of the best luxury perfumes for women
The Roja Essence de Parfum collection features 7 scents that are meant to be an extension of its wearer, not define them
Selecting the best perfume from the Essence de Parfum collection

When Roja Dove set out to make this new collection, he wanted it to be “… an extension of who you are, or maybe, who you want to be.” And so, each note was carefully selected and blended together with others to create unique fragrances that announce your presence even before you walk into any space, and continue to communicate your essence long after you have left.

There is the warm and fruity 51, named after Roja Parfums flagship boutique at 51 Burlington Arcade and the sweet and sensual Danger which is a blend of grapefruit, jasmine and ylang-ylang nestling on a bed of sandalwood, tonka bean and musk.

Enigma is part of the Roja essence de parfum for women
Enigma is a playful tease, tickling one’s nostrils one second and appearing to be almost invisible the next

Also part of this collection is Scandal, whose notes gives off a powerful scent that leaves you with nowhere to hide. But, if you want something a bit more subtle and mysterious, then Enigma, which I have nicknamed ‘the playful tease’, may be what you need.

“Reckless maybe, foolish never,” says Roja Dove of this spicy scent whose peppery quality will be the perfect accompaniment to the woman who is not afraid to take risks. Risqué is the drier, more masculine scent of this collection and would fit the woman who does not do labels, while Elixir, the flagship product of this collection released earlier, starts out sharp and then effortlessly eases into a sweet, soft and sensual scent that will create memories of pure pleasure in the minds of anyone who gets a whiff.

Elixir is one of the best luxury perfumes for women
Elixir, the flagship product of the Essence de Parfum collection packs notes of lily, ylang-ylang and vanilla for a sweet, soft and sensual scent
Experiencing the Roja Essence de Parfum collection at Montaigne Place

Montaigne Place is Nigeria’s foremost luxury fragrance, skincare, cosmetics & well-being company. Once the Essence de Parfum launched here in the country, we were invited to experience the scents of this collection.

Of all seven, 51 is my favourite. It was the first fragrance I tried, and it was the only one I wanted to immediately walk out with once its notes hit my nose. Featuring top notes of lemon and mandarin with bergamot, the accompanying heart notes of orange, rose, lily, ylang-ylang and raspberry bolstered by base notes of vanilla, cinnamon and sandalwood, create a strong and sensual scent with a hint of softness that, for Roja Dove, is the “epitome of elegance” and is for women who “love luxury, modernity and the unexpected.”

51 from the essence de parfum collection is a luxury perfume for women
In Roja Dove’s words, 51 is the epitome of elegance

Elixir also caught my attention, as did Reckless. The latter’s peppery and spicy fragrance is sure to grab the attention of whoever it comes in contact with, with its prominent top note of orange that almost immediately gives way to the jasmine in its heart notes which is enhanced by the pink pepper and cinnamon that form a part of its base notes.

In all, the Roja Essence de Parfum collection offers some of the best choices of luxury fragrances for women. There is something for every woman, and you cannot go wrong with this set.

Reckless is a scent from the essence de parfum collection
Reckless is a spicy and cool fragrance

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Montaigne Place is offering the Roja Essence de Parfum collection for women in select outlets.  To shop, visit the closest store to you here.

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